Bachelor of Arts (BA) Gender Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

Gender Studies is a relatively new field in this country. The programme is designed to create awareness of gender issues and highlight the evolution and re-evaluation of one’s gender role within the family, community and nation.

The Bachelor of Arts (Gender Studies) programme is multidisciplinary and offers courses in theories and methodology concerning family, economy, politics, legislation and religion. This programme aims to develop students who have more sensitive perspectives on gender relationships and gender roles in the society and culture.

The Bachelor of Arts (Gender Studies) hopes to produce a group of new social scientists who will be able to answer the basic premises in the field of social science.

Career Opportunities

  • Author
  • Economic Advisor
  • Family Planning & Counselling Advisor
  • Lecturer
  • Legal Aide
  • Market Researcher
  • Political Advisor
  • Social Rights Advocate

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Gender Studies
  • Gender, Society and Culture
  • Theories of Gender Studies
  • Gender and Development
  • Gender Research Methodology
  • Gender and Family Relationships
  • Gender and Citizenship
  • Gender and Law
  • Gender and Careers
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Gender Issues in Media
  • Gender, Conflict and Peace

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