Bachelor of Arts (BA) Indian Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

The programme aims to introduce the linguistics, literature, religious and socio-cultural heritage of the Indian community in an academic manner that will benefit the nation as a whole. It also targets to showcase the historical, socio-political and economic aspects of the Indian community in Malaysia.

The student will cover subjects ranging from Tamil grammar and literature to the in-depth probe into the Indian culture and civilization. The programme hopes to expose the students to the finer elements of Indian culture and values. Besides that, students can also discover Indian Philosophy and ethics that will undoubtedly equip them to fully understand the Indian community thus enabling them to function well within the society.

Career Opportunities

  • Author
  • Cultural Guide
  • Cultural Historian
  • Journalist
  • Lecturer
  • Social Rights Advocate

Course Modules

  • Applied Tamil Nahu
  • Introductory Modern Tamil Literature
  • Introductory Intermediate Tamil Literature
  • Brief history of Tamil Phonology and Prosody
  • Ethical Tamil Literature
  • Theory and Critics of Tamil Literature
  • Astronomical and Astrological Influence on the Culture of the Tamil Society
  • Issues and Influence of Tamil Films in India and Malaysia
  • Modern Tamil Literary Text
  • Tamil Epic Literature
  • Tamil Art and Drama
  • Study of Genres in Tamil Short Stories and Text Critique
  • Comparing Tamil Art and Literature
  • Bhakti Saiva and Vaisnava Literature

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