Best Education Institutes in Malaysia

Malaysia offers variety in terms of both courses and institutions, with an experience of over 30 years in global education. Their curriculum is designed to cater international students, the education quality is thoroughly scrutinized by the Ministry of Education. The study options are affordable compared to that of other countries in the world.

The country is preferred not only for universal standards in education, but also for its racing economic progress. It is a cultural, tourism and cosmopolitan hub, ranked as the 9 th most visited place in the world. Malaysia is a favorite among foodies as well, with a vast array of cuisine catering to the appetite of its diverse populace.

You can pick from a number of reputed universities-

  • The University of Malaya located in Kuala Lumpur, was established in 1949 and is the oldest university in Malaysia. There are over 2,500 faculty members in this 309 hectare campus.
  • The Putra University, situated close to Kuala Lumpur is a research based public university. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a focus on research in the field of agriculture sciences and related areas.
  • For those who want to pursue a degree in engineering, the University of Technology, Malaysia is the oldest technological and public engineering university. The streams provided include– Civil, Biomedical, Electrical and Chemical engineering.
  • The Multimedia University established in 1996 is the first private university in Malaysia. MMU has two campuses, one located in Cyberjaya and the other in Melaka.

The capital, Kuala Lumpur offers the most in terms of good colleges and tourism. A buzzing metropolis, with its heritage still intact, Kuala Lumpur is the perfect way into Malaysian lifestyle. The hill station Genting Highlands, the Templar Park and Kuala Lumpur’s free museum City Gallery are the must stops. The institutions offer courses in the fields of Business, Marketing, Law, Graphic Design, and Literature, along with Science courses like Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, Engineering, Applied Science and Agriculture among many others.

The process of enrolling in Malayan colleges is fairly simple for foreign students when compared to the stringent immigration procedures in several other countries.

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