International School of Kuantan (ISK) in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

The International School of Kuantan (ISK) is a private international school, legally registered with the Registrar of Schools and Teachers in the Pahang State Department of Education. License to operate the school was approved by the Ministry of Education in September 1996 to Effective Energy Sdn. Bhd. (EESB), a private company incorporated with the Registrar of Companies Malaysia. EESB is charged by the Ministry of Education Malaysia to establish, organize, finance and operate the school based on the guidelines under the Malaysian Education Act 1961 and 1996.

The initial student body included sixteen students in Grades seven through twelve. The International School of Kuantan is a full member of the East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) and in 2003 was accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), USA.

International School Of Kuantan graduates have continued their education at prestigious universities including the International Islamic University Malaysia, Dartmouth USA, Flagler USA, and many others.

The purpose of the International School of Kuantan is to provide quality education for expatriate children residing with their families in Kuantan and other foreign students and qualified Malaysian students. The school programs are modeled on the curricula and practices of outstanding public and private schools in the United States of America. The academic programs, using English as the medium of instruction, prepare students for admission to university.

The International School of Kuantan offers a broad and challenging program in the English Language to students of foreign nationalities residing in Malaysia and qualified Malaysian students. Drawing on the best of North American and other western curriculum models, the school delivers a comprehensive academic education through the services of a well-qualified staff in partnership with parents. The school encourages all students to reach their full potential, both inside and outside the classroom so that the students can become self-reliant and able to function responsibly and successfully in a complex, rapidly changing world.

International School of Kuantan Academic Programs

The academic program forms the core of the curriculum. Students, sixth through twelve, are expected to enroll in seven classes per semester.

All classes are conducted in English except for foreign languages – French, and Malay. For students who enroll with limited or no English-speaking ability, an (ESL) Program is available.

The school year is divided into halves: first semester and second semester. Only the final grades for each semester are recorded on the student’s transcript although two “grades in progress” are sent home to parents during the semester.

The high school program of studies requires most students to spend four full years earning the required 22 credits for graduation. Most students are expected to graduate from ISK with more than this minimum number.

To move from one grade in the high school to the next, a student must earn a minimum number of credits. One credit is awarded for the successful completion of approximately 180 hours of organized study in a recognized curriculum.

High school students transferring to ISK will have transcripts evaluated by the Director of Studies. A decision will then be made concerning the amount and type of previous course work that will be applied towards ISK’s graduation requirements. A maximum of seven (7) credits a year can be transferred from all other schools. Failing grades and audits receive no credit.

International School of Kuantan Academic Probation

A student who fails two or more subjects during a semester can be placed on academic probation. Failure in two or more subjects at the next semester can result in withdrawing the privilege of attendance at ISK.

Students who are on probation will have their academic progress reviewed at each grading period (quarter). Further sanctions can be applied if during the quarterly review it is evident that sufficient academic progress is not being made. These sanctions include social probation or exclusion from all campus activities. Further, the student’s eligibility to participate in any extra-curricular activity will be affected.

International School of Kuantan Academic Testing

The SAT I is a test that measures critical reading, writing, and math abilities. Many colleges and universities in the US require SAT I scores for admissions. The scores are also accepted at some colleges and universities outside of the US. The nearest test center to ISK is Metropolitan College in Subang Jaya.

SAT II Subject Test:
The SAT II tests are one-hour tests that measure your knowledge in a particular subject. Some colleges or universities may require or recommend subject area tests. These tests are available on the same dates as the SAT I.

American College Tests (ACT):
The ACT is an alternative test to the SAT. Results from the ACT may be used to apply for admissions at many US colleges and universities. Students may request to sit for this exam at International School of Kuala Lumpur.

International Schools’ Assessment (ISA):
The ISA is an achievement test designed for students in Grades 3, 5, 7, and 9 or 10 in international schools worldwide. There are two Mathematical Literacy sessions, one Reading session and two Writing sessions administered on two mornings.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):
The TOEFL measures a non-native English speaker’s ability to understand American English. The computer based test covers listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing (grammar) skills. This test is offered by appointment throughout the year. Students wishing to take the exam can apply through MACEE.

International School of Kuantan Student Activities

1. Dramas
Students may participate in the school drama presentations. These may include short drama productions developed in conjunction with other school activities (such as the ISK Christmas Program) or a longer drama production presented on its own.

2. Forensics
Student may enter events such as solo and duet acting, oral presentation, oratory, debate, impromptu and extemporaneous speaking. The International School of Kuala Lumpur hosts the Southeast Asian Forensics Tournament each year.

3. Sports
ISK students participate in a variety of sports throughout the school year. These have included aikido, athletics, soccer, basketball, badminton, hockey, softball and tennis. In some classes there are opportunities to represent the school in inter-school competitions like basketball, badminton and athletics.

4. Publications
ISK students can help produce school publications. Students have been actively involved in the production of a student newspaper and also the ISK Yearbook.

5. Orphanage Soccer Match

6. Multicultural Day

International School of Kuantan Facilities

While the school has access to the science laboratories and other facilities of the Pahang Institution of Professional Development (IKIP) organization, the school presently has four classrooms, a computer lab, library and administrative office. In addition, there are a football field, basketball court, volleyball court, and badminton court on campus.

Location Map of International School of Kuantan

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International School of Kuantan Contact Details

International School of Kuantan (ISK)
A-33, Jalan Tanjung Api,
Padang Lalang,
25050 Kuantan,
Pahang, Malaysia.

Tel: +6(09)515 2895
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