The Alice Smith School (Primary) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Alice Smith School Primary Campus caters for children from Pre-School to Year 6 (3 – 11 years old) and the school follows the English National Curriculum and offer a wide range of co-curricular activities.

The Primary Campus is overseen by the Principal and 3 Assistant Principals. Each Assistant Principal has responsibilities for specific curriculum and guidance areas of the school as well as for cross school areas.

The Alice Smith School has one Pre-School class of 24 children, five parallel Reception classes and five parallel classes per year group from Year 1 – Year 6, all of which have a maximum number of 22 children. Specialist staff develop the children’s skills in ICT, Music, Physical Education and Modern Foreign Languages as well as offering support and extension where appropriate.

The Alice Smith School (Primary) National Curriculum

The English National Curriculum monitors and guides the students’ progress through five very important stages of development:

  • Foundation Stage – Pre-School and Reception
  • Key Stage 1 – Years 1 and 2
  • Key Stage 2 – Years 3 – 6
  • Key Stage 3 – Years 7 – 9
  • Key Stage 4 – Years 10 and 11

The Alice Smith School (Primary) Foundation Stage

Young children enter school with a wide range of different experiences. The aim of the Foundation Stage at Alice Smith School is to provide a well planned and resourced curriculum which takes each child’s learning forward.

The learning for young children should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience in which they explore, investigate, discover, create, practice and consolidate their developing knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes. During the Foundation Stage at Alice Smith School, many of these aspects of learning are brought together effectively through carefully planned and structured activities that are fun, relevant and motivating for each child. The children’s learning takes place in a stimulating and interesting environment, using both indoor and outdoor areas.

The Alice Smith School (Primary) Key Stage 1

Each of the Key Stage One classes has a teacher and a teacher’s assistant as well as support from specialist teachers for P.E., Swimming, Music, and Bahasa Melayu (at Year Two).
Key to success lies in commitment and enjoyment and the school endeavor to foster a good work ethic and provide a stimulating and interesting environment in order to develop a love of learning and thorough understanding. Pupils are encouraged to respect others but at the same time value their own contributions and know that they are recognized as individuals.

The Alice Smith School (Primary) Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 covers the age range from 7 years through to 11 years. It is the longest of all the Key Stages and often sees significant academic and social development of the child. Between these ages, the child develops greater independence, greater self-confidence and a greater awareness of the wider world. It is our aim to develop these facets of life and help encourage the child to develop self and community awareness. Each year group is self-contained in classrooms where children are mainly taught by their class teachers. Each year group also has the help of teachers’ assistants. Specialist teachers take classes for Music, PE, Swimming and a Modern Foreign Language. French is introduced at the beginning of Key Stage 2 as an option to Bahasa Melayu. It is expected that the children will continue with their chosen language throughout the Key Stage. Malaysian citizens are required to study Bahasa in line with the Ministry of Education requirements.

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The Alice Smith School (Primary) Contact Details

The Alice Smith School (Primary)
No: 2 Jalan Bellamy
50460 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6(03)2148 3674
Fax: +6(03)2148 3418