Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) in Tronoh, Perak, Malaysia

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) was established on January 10, 1997 when PETRONAS was invited by the Malaysian government to set up a university. The campus is built on a 400 hectare (1,000 acre) site strategically located at Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia. The University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS, the national oil company of Malaysia.

UTP offers a wide range of engineering and technology programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels complemented with a strong focus on Research and Development. The programmes are designed with high industry relevance to provide a dynamic learning environment.

The University community comprises of students and staff from various countries and is located in a beautifully landscaped setting, amidst the new township of Seri Iskandar. Its peaceful environment, wide open spaces and abundant lakes make these serene surroundings an ideal place to study.

Malaysia’s vision is to become a developed nation by 2020. In realising this aspiration, the country needs to ensure the availability of highly qualified human resources especially in the fields of science, engineering and technology. Towards this end, the efforts of the government in developing a strong and technically skilled workforce in the country must be complemented by the active participation of the private sectors.

PETRONAS, with its full commitment for human capital development, was one of the corporations that took up this challenge. In April 1995, the organisation established Institute of Technology PETRONAS (ITP) with the purpose of providing education at the tertiary level in order to contribute to this national effort.

With an initial intake of 65 students, ITP started its first academic session in July 1995 in rented premises. Its offices, classrooms and students accommodation were housed at PERMATA, Bangi while laboratory works were conducted at Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). There were only six permanent staffs at that time. Part-time staff from the neighbouring institutes of higher learning supplemented the teaching and laboratory works.

ITP relocated its operation to Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak on 1 July 1996 at the newly acquired USM Perak Branch Campus after building temporary offices, hostels and laboratories. It co-existed with USM for five years pending USM’s move to its new campus in Transkerian, Seberang Prai, and pending the setting up of UTP’s own permanent campus.

With the enactment of the Private Higher Learning Institution Act in December 1996, the Government officially invited PETRONAS to set up UTP on 10 January 1997. The academic master plan was then drawn up, followed by the physical master plan of the University. At this stage it was found necessary to acquire additional 200-hectares of land from the State, besides the 200-hectares earlier acquired from USM.
From then onwards, the planning and implementation of UTP Campus progressed rapidly achieving several milestones in its journey towards educational excellence.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Student Representative Council

  • Akido Club
  • Bowling Club
  • Civil Engineering Club (UCITY)
  • Debate Club
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering Student Society (EEESS)
  • Institution of Chemical Engineers UTP Student Chapter (ICheme)
  • International Culture Club (ICC)
  • Karate – Do Club
  • Mechanical Engineering Club
  • Media & Technology Club (MedTech)
  • Recreational & Adventure Club
  • Silat Cekak Hanafi Association
  • Silat Cekak Malaysia Association
  • Silat Gayong Association
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
  • Syntech Club
  • Taekwondo Club
  • UTP Emergency Respond Team (UTPERT)
  • Young Entrepreneurs Club (YEC) UTP also organises annual UTP Sports Carnival for its students.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Sponsorship/Loan

  • Petroliam Nasional Berhad ( PETRONAS ) – www.petronas.com
  • Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA ) – www.maragov.my
  • Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam ( JPA ) – www.jpa.gov.my
  • Employees Provident Fund (PF) – www.kwsp.gov.my
  • Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) – www.ptptn.gov.my
  • Yayasan Telekom Malaysia
  • Yayasan Terengganu
  • Yayasan Pahang
  • Hicom Industrial Estate
  • Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri Sabah
  • Yayasan Sabah
  • Sarawak Shell Berhad
  • Malaysian American Commission on Education Exchange (MACEE)
  • Lingkaran Trans Kota Sdn.Bhd (LITRAK)
  • Yayasan Tenaga Nasional
  • Intel Technologies Sdn.Bhd
  • Engen Limited South Africa
  • Petronas Carigali Equatorial Guinea Ltd Equatorial Guinea
  • Ministry Of Petroleum (MOPE) Egypt
  • Gamuda Learning Centre
  • ECM Libra Foundation
  • Petronas HRM
  • Agilent Technologies Sdn.Bhd
  • System Consultancy Services Sdn.Bhd
  • British American Tobacco Malaysia Foundation

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Academic Programmes/Courses

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Undergraduate Programme:

  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Hons) Chemical

Postgraduate Programme:

  • MSc / PhD by Research
  • MSc in Advanced Process Control
  • MSc in Process Integration

Department of Civil Engineering

Undergraduate Programme:

  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Hons) Civil

Postgraduate Programme:

  • MSc by Research in Civil Engineering
  • PhD by Research in Civil Engineering

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Undergraduate Programme:

  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Hons) Electrical & Electronics

Postgraduate Programme:

  • MSc in Electronics System Engineering
  • MSc by Research in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • PhD by Research in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Programme:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical

Postgraduate Programme:

  • MSc in Asset Management & Maintenance
  • MSc by Research in Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD by Research in Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Geosciences & Petroleum Engineering

Department of Geoscience & Petroleum Engineering

Undergraduate Programme:

  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Hons) Petroleum
  • Bachelor Of Technology (Hons) Petroleum Geoscience

Postgraduate Programme:

  • MSc in Petroleum Engineering by Coursework (collaboration with Herriot Watt University)s
  • MSc in Petroleum Geoscience by Coursework (collaboration with IFP)
  • MSc in Petroleum Engineering by Research
  • MSc in Petroleum Geoscience by Research
  • PhD in Petroleum Engineering
  • PhD in Petroleum Geoscience

Faculty of Science & Information Technology

Department of Computer & Information Sciences

Undergraduate Programme:

  • Bachelor Of Technology (Hons) Information Communication Technology
  • Bachelor Of Technology (Hons) Business Information System

Postgraduate Programme:

  • Master of Science in Information Technology
  • Doctor of Philopsopy in Information Technology

Department of Fundamental & Applied Sciences

Foundation Programme:

  • Foundation Studies In Engineering
  • Foundation Studies In Technology

Department of Management & Humanities

Language and Communication Unit

HBB 2033 – Professional Communication Skills
HBB 2043 – Corporate Communication
LBB 1042 – Academic Writing
LBB 2013 – Basic Arabic Communication for Non-Arabic Speakers
LBB 2023 – Mandarin
LBB 2033 – French Language I
LBB 2043 – French Language II
LBB 3013 – Technical and Professional Writing
MPW 2113 – Bahasa Kebangsaan A
MPW 2123 – Bahasa Kebangsaan B

Business and Management Unit

GBB 1013 – Business Accounting
GBB 1033 – Management & Organizational Behaviour
GBB 1043 – Principles of Marketing
GBB 1053 – Principles of Finance
GBB 2013 – Business Statistics
GBB 2023 – Economics
GBB 2033 – Introduction to Management
GBB 3013 – Corporate Ethics
GBB 3023 – Corporate Finance
GBB 3053 – Human Resource Management
GBB 3063 – International Business
GBB 3073 – International Financial Management
GBB 3083 – Investment and Portfolio Management
GBB 3093 – Small Business and Entrepreneurship
GBB 3103 – Strategic Management
GBB 3113 – Business and Cyber Law
GBB 3123 – Management Accounting
GBB 3133 – Personal Finance
GBB 3173 – Engineering Economics and Entrepreneurship

Social Sciences and Humanities

HBB 2013 – Cultural Anthropology
HBB 2023 – Islamic Knowledge And Sciences
HBB2053 – Introduction to Social and Political Science
HBB2063 – General Psychology
MPW 2133 – Malaysian Studies
MPW 2143 – Islamic Studies
MPW 2153 – Moral Studies

Location Map of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

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Contact Details of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)
Bandar Seri Iskandar,
31750 Tronoh,
Perak, Malaysia.

Tel: +605 368 8000
Fax: +605 365 4075

E-mail: utp@petronas.com.my