Coronavirus COVID-19 LIVE Updates & Stats, News LATEST!!! 2020

Malaysian Embassy in Rome sends care packages to citizens in red zone (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Covid-19: Shorter visiting hours at Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Health Ministry: Nine new Covid-19 cases, bringing tally to 158 (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Covid-19: Malaysia adds Denmark to restricted travel list (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Sporadic no more: Source of Covid-19 infection traced to religious event (The Star, 12 March 2020)
The Covid Cough shuffle: Nurses do their bit in infectious music video (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Meituan Dianping offers ‘contactless shields’ that allow people to eat their delivered food in private (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Covid-19: Health Minister urges those at mosque gathering to come in for screening (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Covid-19: Catholic Church suspends mass for two weeks (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Fear of virus-tainted dollars opens new front in war on cash (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Taiwan’s online mask rationing system sells thousands in first hours (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Health Ministry: First sporadic case of Covid-19 detected (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Four new suspected Covid-19 cases in Seremban (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Virus drives patients to virtual doctors and buoys telemedicine (The Star, 12 March 2020)
1MDB hearing postponed over Covid-19 fears (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Art lovers rush to Uffizi’s Facebook page during virus shutdown (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Singapore defends fake news law as weapon to fight Covid-19 (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Thailand files complaint against e-commerce platform Lazada for overpriced masks (The Star, 12 March 2020)
White House meets with tech firms on Covid-19 response (The Star, 12 March 2020)
YouTube reverses advertising ban on coronavirus-related videos (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Aid for those affected by Covid-19 (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Screening for all Komtar visitors (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Inevitable deferral of events due to Covid-19 (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Games in empty stadiums threaten smaller clubs, says Neville (The Star, 12 March 2020)
English Premiership suffers first postponement due to virus (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Aussie GP on for now, despite Covid-19 (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Minister: Cancelling Tokyo Olympics is unthinkable (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Asean Para Games under fire over new dates (The Star, 12 March 2020)
Google follows Facebook in banning ads for medical face masks as Covid-19 disinformation spreads (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Covid-19 is Foreign Ministry’s first prioity, says Hishamuddin (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Govt launches Covid-19 fund to help those affected by outbreak (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Uber may suspend accounts of riders, drivers who test positive for Covid-19 (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Airbnb makes tweaks to refund policy amid spread of Covid-19 (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Online Chinese users get creative skirting censors over virus whistleblower (The Star, 11 March 2020)
US college campuses empty as virus scare pushes learning online (The Star, 11 March 2020)
WHO chief: China’s experience in forcing down Covid-19 cases “impressive” (The Star, 11 March 2020)
White House to meet Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple on Covid-19 (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Wuhan has closed all 16 temporary hospitals (The Star, 11 March 2020)
China’s Xi says virus “basically curbed in Hubei and Wuhan” (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Bored at home – Covid-19 helps headhunters locate candidates, delays deals (The Star, 11 March 2020)
MCMC confirms one employee has contracted Covid-19 (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks the coronavirus panic is ‘dumb’. A million Twitter users liked his tweet. (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Why rational people are panic buying as coronavirus spreads (The Star, 11 March 2020)
EU privacy rules no obstacle to coronavirus fight; smartphone tracking a no-no (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Xi visits Wuhan as number of new cases drops (The Star, 11 March 2020)
China hotel collapse death toll jumps to 20 (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Rat farmers hit by Covid-19 crisis (The Star, 11 March 2020)
China leads the way in fighting virus (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Singapore charges visitors for Covid-19 treatment (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Six nabbed over virus hoaxes (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Vietnam vows to punish people hiding their illness (The Star, 11 March 2020)
MATTA: Malaysia is safe for travellers (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Dzulkefly to lead Selangor’s special task force (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Covid-19: First positive case in Penang (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Sabah bans entry for Iranians and Italians (The Star, 11 March 2020)
Tackle rising healthcare costs and Covid-19, minister urged (The Star, 11 March 2020)

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