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Canada tells travellers from Iran to isolate over coronavirus (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Germany, France monitoring coronavirus very closely, ready for decisive action – Scholz (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Leipzig apologise after Japanese group ejected over coronavirus checks (The Star, 3 March 2020)
PM Johnson says UK ready for potential economic downside of coronavirus (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Italy’s lockdown: just rockin’ the quarantine away (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Factbox – Latest on the spread of coronavirus around the world (The Star, 3 March 2020)
PGA Tour has no planned schedule changes amid coronavirus outbreak (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Six Nations games to go ahead despite coronavirus – organisers (The Star, 3 March 2020)
France says it now has 191 confirmed cases of coronavirus (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Italian schools go digital as coronavirus shuts classrooms (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Italy coronavirus deaths jump to 52, cases climb above 2,000 (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Oman bans entry of visitors from countries where coronavirus has spread (The Star, 3 March 2020)
South Korea, Iran, Italy and Japan are greatest virus concern – WHO (The Star, 3 March 2020)
PM Johnson says ‘very significant’ expansion of UK coronavirus cases on the cards (The Star, 3 March 2020)
U.S. cases of coronavirus rise, health officials focus on increased testing (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Coronavirus alert: Russian Cossacks told not to kiss icons (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Senegal confirms first coronavirus case – health ministry (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Saudi Arabia announces first case of coronavirus (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Case No. 26 under scrutiny (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Think tank: New Health Minister needed urgently (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Bukit Aman ready to help out in virus fight (The Star, 3 March 2020)
‘Rethink healthcare for migrant workers’ (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Istana staff ordered to get tested (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Kyrgyz police use tear gas, water cannon to disperse protest (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Shevon joins Saina in call for Games qualifying extension (The Star, 3 March 2020)
No pain no gain as Gavin journeys far and wide for fame and fortune (The Star, 3 March 2020)
JDT hungry for win in ACL on new home ground (The Star, 3 March 2020)
K-pop star criticised for donating money to fight Covid-19 (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Rallies must obey the law, says IGP (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Sabah banking on domestic tourism (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Money is not everything for divers Mun Yee and Pandelela (The Star, 3 March 2020)
No go for Sultan Azlan Shah Cup next month (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Cabinet discussions to proceed no matter what (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Ex-minister and deputy in the clear (The Star, 3 March 2020)
We must all take responsibility (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Two senior karate exponents sidelined for seven months (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Sibu council warns eateries to step up hygiene (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Prepare to fend off Covid-19 (The Star, 3 March 2020)
India sees 3.1% fuel demand growth (The Star, 3 March 2020)
India factory activity growth slows in February (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Russia’s oil output rises (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Indonesia eases import rules (The Star, 3 March 2020)
BoE vows to fight Covid-19 (The Star, 3 March 2020)
IATA: Mid-East airlines lose US$100mil (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Hyundai reports lowest monthly sales in decade (The Star, 3 March 2020)
HK retail sales plunge (The Star, 3 March 2020)
China’s commodity imports hold up better than the PMIs (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Coronavirus expected to hurt US earnings harder and longer (The Star, 3 March 2020)
JPMorgan sees US$1.2 trillion reason to nix US yield rebound (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Oil’s freefall halted by hope Opec+ will take action (The Star, 3 March 2020)
G7 to coordinate on Covid-19 (The Star, 3 March 2020)
SoftBank CEO faces tougher questions in US (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Eden, Thriven rally after appointment of new PM (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Australia holds emergency call on coronavirus (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Japan auto sales down 10% (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Q1 GDP seen taking a hit (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Here’s why the dollar stands alone as key currency haven (The Star, 3 March 2020)
China Evergrande’s moves spur competition (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Global action on Covid-19 (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Indonesia curbs outflow (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Public Research: Covid-19 outbreak may impact IHH (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Covid-19 fears hit Sibu businesses (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Proton to boost DRB-Hicom earnings (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Thai tourist arrivals to drop (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Mr DIY mulls IPO delay (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Double whammy (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Emerging markets gird for more turmoil (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Virus drives China PMIs to record lows, hurting Asia (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Kenanga downgrades FY20 forecast on MAHB (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Stability key to economic survival (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Khazanah braces for challenging year (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Goldman: Largest commodity demand shock since 2008 (The Star, 3 March 2020)
Iraq power vacuum: acting PM steps aside after designated successor quits (The Star, 2 March 2020)
As Euro 2020 looms, UEFA ‘in hands of authorities’ over coronavirus (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Runners shrug off Siberian blizzard during ice marathon over lake (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Covid-19: More than 89,000 infected, over 3,000 dead (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Muhyiddin promises to appoint Cabinet members with integrity (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Macau casino takings plunge record 88% after virus closures (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Olympic events with no fans possible, says British Cycling performance director (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Japan’s Abe orders govt to draw up legislation amid coronavirus outbreak (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Virus pushes the global economy closer to a contraction (The Star, 2 March 2020)
‘China takes equal approaches to Chinese, foreigners in coronavirus control’ (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Japan’s central bank vows to ensure stability, jointly combat excess market volatility (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Wristwatch overshadows South Korea sect leader’s coronavirus apology (The Star, 2 March 2020)
China issues warning for desert locusts (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Hong Kong finance chief sees property holding up despite turmoil (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Politicians test negative for Covid-19, says Health DG (The Star, 2 March 2020)
What’s Happening: No handshakes, elections threatened, empty stadiums and no love at Louvre (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Indonesia confirms first cases of coronavirus, link to Japanese visitor (update) (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Dubai’s prestigious boat show postponed due to coronavirus (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Iran reports 12 more coronavirus deaths, raising total to 66 (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Coronavirus spreading fast but stigma is more dangerous – WHO (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Special Report – Broken Health: The medical crisis that’s aggravating Iraq’s unrest (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Virus fuels dread and angst but in China there are signs of hope (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Pakistan’s largest city shuts schools for two weeks over virus fears (The Star, 2 March 2020)
EU says virus risk in Europe risen to ‘high’ as deaths reach 38 (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Ex-minister says he has tested negative for Covid-19 (The Star, 2 March 2020)
AFC to extend group phase of Asian Champions League due to coronavirus (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Serie A talking-points (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Australian GP ‘all systems go’ but coronavirus continues to hit sport (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Covid-19 hammers garment industries in Cambodia, Vietnam (The Star, 2 March 2020)
EU ministers to discuss coronavirus as concerns mount in Europe (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Short track world championships not before October – ISU (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Masked and gloved – Israelis in quarantine from coronavirus vote in election (The Star, 2 March 2020)
China’s megacity drivers leading new push to cheap EV batteries (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Istana Negara officers, staff undergo Covid-19 tests (The Star, 2 March 2020)
More traffic, night lights show China’s factories restart as Covid-19 takes a break (The Star, 2 March 2020)
China Inc thinks outside the box as coronavirus keeps consumers at home (The Star, 2 March 2020)
After a US$1 trillion wipeout, emerging markets bank on stimulus (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Vietnam tightens foreign entry following concerns over coronavirus outbreak (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Two new Covid-19 cases detected in India (The Star, 2 March 2020)
BMW to livestream debut of new model after Geneva show called off (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Morgan Stanley picks China, Singapore stocks as virus shelters (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Bursa lags behind rebound in Asian markets (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Rocket attack hits Turkish customs vehicle near Iran border – minister (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Louvre museum closed as management, workers meet over coronavirus risks (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Asia shares bounce back as Bank of Japan promises support for economy (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Japan confirms five more cases of coronavirus in Hokkaido – NHK (The Star, 2 March 2020)
South Korean sect leader apologises over coronavirus spread (The Star, 2 March 2020)
IGP: Police ready to assist Health Ministry on any Covid-19 matter (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Galen Centre: Health Minister needed urgently to manage Covid-19 (The Star, 2 March 2020)
Thai MotoGP race postponed indefinitely on coronavirus fears (The Star, 2 March 2020)

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