ASEAN Scholarship – Scholarship Grant, Application Process

The ASEAN Scholarship was established on ECM Libra Foundation’s 7th Anniversary following the desire of the Founding Trustees to offer underprivileged students from our neighbouring countries an opportunity to study in Malaysia. It is our hope that these students, upon their graduation will return to their own country to work and be a catalyst for better things for their respective country.The ASEAN Scholarship is a collaboration between ECM Libra Foundation and KDU University College, HELP University and Sunway University; collectively called the Partner Institutions. The scholarship is for underprivileged and deserving students from our neighboring countries, namely Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to study in Malaysia. It is our belief that this will help raise the quality of education in Malaysia by bringing a diversity of bright students into the system.

ASEAN Scholarship Grant

ASEAN ScholarshipThe scholarship is an equal partnership between ECM Libra Foundation and the Partner Institutions; ie KDU, HELP & Sunway Universities where together we offer the students a full grant to pursue certain selected degree programmes. Details of the grants are as follows:

ECM Libra Foundation:

  1. Provide grant towards students’ accommodation and daily subsistence.
  2. Provide return air tickets from students’ country of origin to Malaysia – at the beginning and upon completion of the course.
  3. Visa processing fees including medical examination fees.
  4. All the above will be provided through the respective Partner Institutions.

How to Apply for ASEAN Scholarship

You will have to apply directly to the respective university based on the course of your choice. Each university has their own respective procedure, requirement and criteria which you must adhere to. Shortlisted students are then jointly selected by the Partner Institutions and ECM Libra Foundation through interviews. Please click on the link of the respective university provided below or visit the website of each individual university for more details:

KDU University College

HELP University

Sunway University