Bachelor of Arts (BA) Township and Urban Planning Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

The department was established in 1992 with the aim of producting trained workforce in the field of Urban Studies Planning in line with the needs of the society and our developing nation.

The programme aim to provide a strong basic curriculum as the foundation for the development of knowledge and urban planning practise. Additionally, the program hopes to produce graduates who can compete in the job market based on their knowledge.

With the wide range of subjects offered, from theories to aesthetics, the programme aspires to enhance and strengthen then authority of Urban Planning Studies in the field urban development through research , writing and negotiations.

Career Opportunities

  • Town Planner
  • Urban Manager
  • Policy Maker
  • Lecturer
  • Researcher
  • Transport Planner

Course Modules

1st Year

  • AREA 1101 Introduction to Planning
  • AREA 1102 History of Urban Development
  • AREA 1105 Theory of Planning and Urban Development
  • AREA 1106 Urbanization : Trend and Process

2st Year

  • AREA 2113 Method of Quantitative Analysis
  • AREA 2119 Land use Planning
  • AREA 2112 Techniques in Planning and Decision -Making
  • AREA 2115 Urban Law and Policy
  • AREA 2303 Development Planning
  • AREA 2317 Urban Social Dynamics
  • AREA 2318 Urban Transport
  • AREA 2304 Resource Planning and Management
  • AREA 2311 Urban Economics
  • AREA 2314 Urban and Regional Analysis

3st Year

  • AREA 3176 Seminar on Urban and Planning Practices
  • AREA 3182 Research Methodology
  • AREA 3306 Urban Management
  • AREA 3181 Project Paper
  • AREA 3302 Housing Planning and Development
  • AREA 3305 Urban Environment
  • AREA 3307 Recreational and Tourism Development Planning
  • AREA 3310 Urban Aesthetic and Conservation
  • AREA 3311 Planning Information System (GIS)
  • AREA 3304 Urban Design

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