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Taylor’s University has a number of business communication courses that will enhance the skills of your workforce. All of these courses are adaptable and customised to meet specialist requirements.

Intakes : upon request
Duration : 2 days (16 hours)

Effective Presentations

Our course shows you the skills required to be an effective presenter, that delivers results:

  • Presentation Delivery Skills – We show you the techniques that make convincing presentations that persuade and convince your audience.
  • Designing Slides that will be Remembered – We show you how to design slides that will not only be seen, but remembered.
  • Addressing Your Audience – How to vary your presentations according to your audience.
  • Confident Body Language – We teach you how to appear to be a confident presenter.
  • Dealing with Questions – We give you the techniques to handle questions that encourage a positive response.

Above all this is a hands-on course to improve confidence.

Effective Negotiating

How can you get the best deal for your company with good feelings
Our course provides you with a robust approach to negotiating:

  • Effective Preparation – How to prepare for a negotiation.
  • Clear Communication – Communication that effectively outlines the company’s position.
  • Benefits Balancing – How to gain an impression of what’s important to each party.
  • Assertiveness – How to be assertive yet cordial.
  • Body Language – How to read and control body language
  • Performance Under Pressure – Techniques for handling pressure and emotions
  • Win-Win Negotiation – How to produce results that provide solid foundations for a long-term partnership

Effective Telephoning

Our course shows how to use the telephone effectively.
How To Make the First Impression – How can you effectively greet people and make a good first impression on the phone.

  • Making A Call Plan – How to make a call plan to get the information you need.
  • How To Arrange Appointments – We show you the techniques to get through gate-keepers and make an appointment with key executives.
  • How To Handle Questions – How to handle questions in a positive way.
  • Note Taking – How to take notes while on the phone.
  • Ending A Call On a Positive Note – We provide you with techniques that ensure you leave a positive impression.
  • English Proficiency and Etiquette – We provide you with the English phrases and techniques you can use to sound polite and courteous on the phone without increasing call times.

We also provide more specialist courses for telemarketing operations which cover specific scripts and sales techniques! Above all this is a hands-on course to improve confidence.

Speak Well

Intakes : upon request
Duration : 8 weeks (32 hours)

Poor pronunciation encourages people to think that the speaker is not intelligent and therefore their ideas and opinions are not worth listening to and in extreme cases, the speaker cannot be understood. This course addresses these issues with the following components:

  • Clarity of Communication – This course improves clarity and enunciation of speech
  • Accent neutralisation – Improve pronunciation so that the speaker appears more intelligent
  • Sentence and Word Emphasis – Flat speakers fail to interest their audience, this course teaches you sentence and word emphasis that enables you to speak with eloquence
  • Fluency – To enable speakers to communicate with confidence, speed and a style that is impressive and impactful.

Taylor’s also offers more general English courses that improve overall fluency in English.

Effective Meetings

Does your company waste a lot of time in meetings that don’t seem to produce results?
Our course shows you:

  • How to effectively chair a meeting
  • Techniques to keep meetings focused
  • Systems to improve participation and elicit ideas from all members of the meeting
  • How to get your views across assertively without being aggressive

Active listening techniquesAnd for administrators we also offer courses that include: Effective minute-taking, writing agendas and methods to record brain-storming sessions.

Business Correspondence

Specifically designed course ensures all letters to external parties minimises mistakes and encourages a positive response in return.

  • Sales Letters that sell – We show you the techniques to ensure your sales letters sell benefits effectively and get higher sales rates
  • Complaints Letters that get results – Polite and assertive complaint letters that demand action effectively
  • Requests for Information that are clear – To ensure that quotations are accurate and suppliers have a clear idea as to what is required.
  • Emails that get read – We show you the technical and writing techniques to ensure your email is read

We also provide courses specifically designed for SMS, Emails and internal memos.

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