Diploma in Fine Art, Sunway University, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Diploma in Fine Art’s full-time seven semesters course offers practical art skills, development of concepts as well as analytical and critical art evaluation skills. Students are encouraged to explore the wealth of possibilities for individual expression, ranging from traditional mediums such as painting, printmaking, sculpture and digital art.

The key skills that you will acquire:

  • Computer skills (Illustrator, Photoshop, Digital Art)
  • Drawing and Painting skills (Still-life, Perspective, Human, Oil, Acrylics and Mixed Media)
  • Printmaking skills (Lino, Etching, Woodblock, Silk-screening)
  • Photography and sculpting skills
  • Presentation skills (Verbal, Written and Digital)

Programme Structure

Year 1

Explores visual theories and concepts, assisted by studio practices and workshops. Skills and technical knowledge were further enhance through learning how to generate ideas; using visual language; and gaining knowledge of art history and art appreciation.

  • FAD 1101 Art Appreciation
  • FAD 1102 English for Artists and Designers
  • FAD 1203 Principles of Design
  • FAD 1204 Principles of Organisation
  • FAD 1205 Drawing Studies 1
  • FAD 1206 Basic Computer
  • FAD 1207 History of Art
  • FAD 1308 Painting 1
  • FAD 1309 Printmaking 1
  • FAD 1310 Digital Art 1
  • FAD 1311 Drawing Studies 2
  • FAD 1312 Experimental Art

Year 2

Allows students to develop their own perceptions and aspirations within the subjects. Talks by invited guest speakers like artists, curators, live projects and studio practices were organised as part of classroom learning to develop an informed and professional approach to art.

  • FAD 2413 Art Criticism
  • FAD 2414 Research and Report Writing
  • FAD 2515 Painting 2
  • FAD 2516 Printmaking 2
  • FAD 2517 Digital Art 2
  • FAD 2518 Drawing Studies 3
  • FAD 2519 Sculpture
  • FAD 2620 Installation Art
  • FAD 2621 Major Study – Painting
  • FAD 2622 Major Study – Printmaking
  • FAD 2623 Major Study – Digital Art

Year 3

Includes an internship with art galleries, artist residence, curators, publishing or retail companies.

  • FAD 3724 Practical Training and Internship Report


Year 1

FAD 1101 Art Appreciation
This module introduces the various developments of art, craft and cultural heritage in Chinese Art, Indian Art, Islamic Art and Aboriginal Art from East Malaysia, the West and Japan. (3 credit hours)

FAD 1102 English for Artists and Designers
This module covers language skills required for pursuing the Art and Design course. In addition to reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, students will also be taught the relevant study and research skills to enable them to participate effectively in an academic setting. (3 credit hours)

FAD 1203 Principles of Design
This module covers the vocabulary of visual elements; visual perception; appreciation for the forms of art; application of design principles and colours in the creation of artworks. (4 credit hours)

FAD 1204 Principles of Organisation
This module covers principles of organisation, visual ordering and exploration of three-dimensional art. Practices, studio activities, exercises and projects are implemented to communicate and present ideas that have content and meaning. (3 credit hours)

FAD 1205 Drawing Studies
This module introduces the history of artistic drawing and famous artists; the principles of perspective; proportions; light and shades; values and contrast; composition; form and space applied in drawing. (3 credit hours)

FAD 1206 Basic Computing
This module covers the importance of computer in society and the requisites by design industries, the acquisition and application of technical skills to enable artists and designers to communicate effectively and creatively. It also covers step-by-step instructions and knowledge of the storage, command and keyboard shortcuts to speed-up digital image processing and file management system as well as develop essential skills to digital imaging. (3 credit hours)

FAD 1207 History of Art
This module introduces Western Civilization and Art History from the pre-historic period of Greek and Roman to the twentieth century. Topics covered are Greek and Roman Art, Early Christian and Medieval Art, Early and High Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, Romanticism and Realism, Modern Art (Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and Expressionism), Contemporary Art (Abstract Expressionism) and Pop / Op Art. (3 credit hours)

FAD 1308 Painting 1
The module introduces the language of painting and the use of various painting materials with emphasis on the understanding and use of various painting techniques, media and colour principles. (4 credit hours)

FAD 1309 Printmaking 1
This module introduces printmaking – its history, development, techniques and processes in producing prints. Emphasis is placed on the basic application with investigation into image source and development of monoprints using woodcut / lino prints, paper stencil and photo emulsion techniques. (4 credit hours)

FAD 1310 Digital Art 1
This module covers the essential techniques and skills in using the Photoshop; image-editing process as well as exploration of creative applications like advance retouching, photo montage, vector graphics and special effects to develop their creative and technical skills through the creation of art projects. (4 credit hours)

FAD 1311 Drawing Studies 2
This module is directed towards giving the students a structured approach to drawing the human figure, which will serve as a foundation for his/her personal interpretation approach to drawing. (3 credit hours)

FAD 1312 Experimental Art
This module offers students an introduction to the use of the camera, metering, film development and studio lighting. A systematical and thorough approach is emphasised with demonstrations and assignments. Students develop essential skills for obtaining consistent results. Students must have a 35mm camera with manual / digital functions and the option to interchange lenses. (2 credit hours)

Year 2

FAD 2413 Art Criticism
This module introduces the students to self-reflective exploration of a range of strategies for interpreting and building multi-vocal meanings that address both the individual and shared experiences of the artist and viewers of visual communication. (3 credit hours)

FAD 2414 Research & Report Writing
This module covers various modes and models of research as well as analysis of information and data for idea development and form generation. Students will learn step by step on how to undertake research and write a research report or project paper. The difference between qualitative and quantitative methods will also be discussed, and issues relating to planning and executing a research will be examined progressively. (3 credit hours)

FAD 2415 Painting 2
This module focuses on painting of objects with various textures, patterns and surface qualities. Other subjects which will be explored are landscape; figure in interior space; and fractional representation of figure in interior space with emphasis on many viewpoints presenting multiple perspectives. (4 credit hours)

FAD 2516 Printmaking 2
This module provides the opportunity for students to explore different media and techniques in order to develop a personal style in creating multi-coloured relief prints. Concepts, styles, techniques, design and visual communication are explored and illustrated using various techniques to interpret the visual translation using woodcut, lino and silk-screening. (4 credit hours)

FAD 2517 Digital Art 2
This module utilises multimedia authoring software, image manipulation software, sound editing software and basic animation software to develop the specialist skills required to produce an original multimedia treatment. The fundamental of storyboarding and audience analysis are combined with practical work to develop the skills required for multimedia construction which is taught within a framework that examines the current technological hardwaresoftware limitations, implicit in various approaches in realising project objectives. (4 credit hours)

FAD 2518 Drawing Studies 3
This module will allow students to explore thematic expression such as descriptive, analytical, interpretation and expressive drawing. Students will learn how to transform an idea, image or form to reveal a theme by using a variety of different media and approaches. (3 credit hours)

FAD 2519 Sculpture
This module provides an exploration of creative and technical methods of sculpturing with focus on the traditional processes in developing basic skills for 3-dimensional expression. (2 credit hours)

FAD 2620 Major Study – Painting
FAD 2621 Major Study – Printmaking
FAD 2622 Major Study – Digital Art

These modules offer students the opportunity to pursue, extend and develop a serious pursuit of individual theme(s), processes and approaches to a chosen subject(s). The student is encouraged to persistently work towards self-expression by producing a series of work with consistency, independence in thinking as well as aesthetic and profound individual artistic view in painting, printmaking and digital art.

These modules will also assist students in building their own portfolio for future employment or further studies at degree level. Emphasis will be put on design strategies, concept and creativity of project executed in terms of student’s intellectual experiences, personal and professional development, skills and time management.

Upon completion of these major study projects, the student will be required to present a complete project works for a graduate exhibition. Internal and External assessors from the industry and / or academic will be invited to evaluate the student’s major study projects. (4 credit hours)

FAD 2518 Drawing Studies 3
This module will allow students to explore thematic expression such as descriptive, analytical, interpretational and expressive drawing. Students will learn how to transform an idea, image or form to reveal a theme by using a variety of different media and approaches. (3 credit hours)

FAD 2623 Installation Art
This module explores installation art in all media. Students may incorporate a variety of media including photography, painting, drawing, video, sound and sculptural materials in works that expand the physical boundaries of art beyond the discreet object. Assignments encouraged experimentation with different processes while prompting a reconsideration of the “site” of installation. (3 credit hours)

Year 3

FAD 3724 Practical Training & Internship Report
The module focuses on the working world of the fine arts industry, covering insights of the profession in terms of requirements, expectations and practices to enable the students to seek employment and work exposure before completing the Diploma in Fine Arts course. This module also provides a mechanism and opportunity for the interaction between the student and the practitioners through various means such as visitation and talks by guest lecturers from the profession / industry, collaborative art projects, and industrial / professional work experience.

The requirements of this module are:

1. Two months internship attachment with an art related organisation or gallery.
2. A report from the host organisation.
3. A written report by the student upon successful completion of his / her practical training. (4 credit hours)

Upon completion of satisfactory reports from the host organisation and the student report, the student will be deemed to have successfully completed this module and will be awarded the relevant credits. (4 credit hours)

Further Studies

At the completion of the diploma course, students may opt to credit transfer to partner universities for degree studies with advance standing.

Career Opportunities

Successful completion of this diploma will enable graduates to work as gallery artist, muralist, art restoration, digital artist, printmaker, sculptor, illustrator, display artist, background painter, scenic artist, theme park artist, an art teacher and a craftsperson.

Entry Requirements

  • SPM / SPMV / UEC / O-Level with minimum three (3) credits including a credit in Art.
  • SPM / SPMV / UEC / O-Level with minimum three (3) credits, submission of portfolio and interview(for student who does not score a credit in Art or does not take Art as a subject).
  • Certificate in related fields of Art and Design.
  • Any other equivalent qualifications will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

2 ½ years (Full Time)

7 semesters

81 credits

LAN Subjects
9 credits (only for Malaysians)

2 – 4 months

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