Diploma in Interior Design, Sunway University, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Diploma in Interior Design’s full-time seven semesters course provides a solid foundation in theory and practical skills relating to interior design. Students learn to communicate design concepts and problem solving in a flexible and adaptable way by guiding interior design standard and professional practice.

The key skills that you will acquire:

  • Computer skills (Illustrator, Photoshop, AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max)
  • Drawing and drafting skills (Perspective and Architecture Graphics)
  • Model-making skills (Site, Conceptual, Explorative and Prototype)
  • Presentation skills (Verbal, Written and Digital)

Programme Structure

Year 1

Introduces a broad range of approaches to interior designing through space and humanistic planning, and reflects how environments are created and formed to compliment the various human activities.

  • IDD 1101 History of Art and Architecture
  • IDD 1102 English for Artists and Designers
  • IDD 1203 Architecture Graphics
  • IDD 1204 Principles of Design
  • IDD 1205 Principles of Organisation
  • IDD 1206 Drawing Studies
  • IDD 1207 Basic Computer
  • IDD 1308 Interior Design 1
  • IDD 1309 Building Construction 1
  • IDD 1310 Design Communication
  • IDD 1311 Furniture Design 1
  • IDD 1312 Computer Aided Design 1

Year 2

Explores furniture and lighting design, and how it is implemented to complement the interior space. This course also educates students to be multidisciplinary Interior Designers by introducing a wide variety of studio projects from small-scale (exhibition and residential) to large-scale (Retail and Institutional Design).

  • IDD 2413 Interior Furnishings and Materials
  • IDD 2414 Lighting Application
  • IDD 2415 Research and Report Writing
  • IDD 2516 Interior Design 2
  • IDD 2517 Building Construction 2
  • IDD 2518 Furniture Design 2
  • IDD 2519 Computer Aided Design 2
  • IDD 2520 Specification and Contract
  • IDD 2621 Interior Design 3
  • IDD 2622 Project Management
  • IDD 2623 Interior Design Final Project
  • IDD 2624 Computer Aided Design 3

Year 3

Covers an internship with industry partners involved in Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Architecture, Furniture, Furnishings, Lighting, Exhibition, Events, Film or Theatre companies.

  • IDD 3725 Practical Training and Internship Report


Year 1

IDD 1101 History of Art & Architecture
This module covers various developments of arts, crafts, and cultural heritage in Malaysia, India and China as well as Islamic and Western influences of art and architecture. This module will help students understand the development of design in the historical context from the period of civilization to the Modern Era and how these historical context, culture and design impact the society. (3 credit hours)

IDD 1102 English for Artists and Designers
This module covers language skills required for pursuing the Art and Design course. In addition to reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, students will also be taught the relevant study and research skills to enable them to participate effectively in an academic setting. (3 credit hours)

IDD 1203 Architecture Graphics
This module covers the technical tools, usage and system of technical drawing. Architecture Graphic guidelines are given to students to understand the terminologies and the interpretation of their drawings. Exercises are set to measure students’ outcome in terms of volumetric configuration, orthographic formats, standard practices, graphic conventions and vocabulary used in the design profession and the construction industry. Graphic conventions of perspective and the general principles that underpin perspective will also be discussed. (4 credit hours)

IDD 1204 Principles of Design
This module covers the vocabulary of visual elements, visual perception, appreciation for the forms of art, application of design principles and colours in the creation of artworks. (4 credit hours)

IDD 1205 Principles of Organisation
This module covers principles of organisation, visual ordering and exploration of three-dimensional art. Practices, studio activities, exercises and projects are implemented to communicate and present ideas that have content and meaning. (3 credit hours)

IDD 1206 Drawing Studies
This module introduces the history of artistic drawing, famous artists, the principles of perspective, proportions, light and shades, values and contrast, composition, form and space applied in drawing. (3 credit hours)

IDD 1207 Basic Computing
This module will cover the importance of computer in society and the requisites by design industries, the acquisition and application of technical skills to enable artists and designers to communicate effectively and creatively. It also covers step-by-step instructions and knowledge of the storage, command and keyboard shortcuts to speed-up digital image processing and effective file management system as well as essential skills to digital imaging. (3 credit hours)

IDD 1308 Interior Design 1
This module covers the fundamentals of design concepts, principles and vocabulary of interior design. Theory and practice in art, architecture and design are introduced to develop individual design approaches, organisation strategies and philosophy through project questioning, analysing, articulating and responding to design problems of retail service environment. (3 credit hours)

IDD 1309 Building Construction 1
This module covers the fundamentals of building technology for constructing a single-storey home such as the site, the solar design, the foundation, the structural system (columns, beams, wall, floor and roof structure) and the enclosure system (roof, exterior wall, windows and doors). Building profile, types, function and construction are discussed to help students understand the principles, terminologies, structural and material behaviour in building the interior and exterior of a residential home. (3 credit hours)

IDD 1310 Design Communication
This module covers construction and presentation drawings in different form. Students will be guided on the many methods of presenting their ideas effectively. A series of exercises will provide the students the opportunity to investigate types of drawings, layouts, letter forms, diagrams and images in presenting the working drawings. Students will also learn the basics of model making as well as the correct use of equipments and materials for studio model making. (3 credit hours)

IDD 1311 Furniture Design 1
This module covers an overview of the theory and practice of furniture design, the historical background, styles, material choices as well as famous design and designers. Selective Furniture Design concepts will be discussed in depth in relation to its functions, ergonomics, materials, construction techniques and design. Projects introduced will explore the properties of materials, working drawings, types of hardware component, furniture construction, human anthropometric, ergonomic studies and design development. (3 credit hours)

IDD 1312 Computer Aided Design 1
This module covers the basic skills and knowledge of using computer aided software for Interior Designing as a communication tool. Computer drafting terminologies and modifier tools are introduced to create plans, sections and elevation of technical drawing for Interior Design. (3 credit hours)

Year 2

IDD 2413 Interior Furnishings & Materials
This module covers an insight of available building materials, products and finishes in the market such as wood, stones, bricks, blocks, glass, paint, metal, plastic, rubbers and textiles. Appearance, function, maintenance, installation and application details are discussed to help students’ understanding of the materials in terms of product performance, choice and application to the interior and exterior of the building. (3 credit hours)

IDD 2414 Lighting Application
This module covers the fundamentals of lighting application, types, forms, functions, comfort, characteristics and the psychological and physiological influences of lighting for interior and exterior designing. Research projects are introduced to study successful lighting applications in the residential, corporate office, retail and food industry. Students will also design a light fixture of their choice for their home and present their ideas through research, development of working drawings, construction and application (before and after effect) in their home. (3 credit hours)

IDD 2415 Research & Report Writing
This module covers various modes and models of research as well as an analysis of information and data for idea development and form generation. Students will learn step by step on how to undertake research and write a research report or project paper. The difference between qualitative and quantitative methods will also be discussed, and issues relating to planning and executing a research will be examined progressively. (3 credit hours)

IDD 2516 Interior Design 2
This module covers space planning in loft living such as apartments, single-storey and double-storey or bungalow spaces. Understanding space planning requires critical orders in establishing appropriate zoning and massing of spaces towards client specification. Students will be put into scenarios which are similar to working environments where designers need to work closely with the client in developing personal taste for the occupant. Students will learn the whole design process from gathering client’s profile, needs and expectation to presenting the ideas on working drawings, mood boards, material selection, models and visuals presentation. (4 credit hours)

IDD 2517 Building Construction 2
This module covers mechanical systems and services in a building such as water supply, sewage disposal, ventilation, electrical supply and controls, stairs and safety prevention. Performance requirements, aesthetic qualities, regulatory constraints, economic considerations and environmental impact are further discussed to allow students a better understanding of the manner in which a designer select, assemble and integrate the various building systems in construction. (3 credit hours)

IDD 2518 Furniture Design 2
This module covers case studies of multi-functional furniture used in the domestic environment. As more and more furniture designs today are developed based on needs, convenience and space utilisation, students will undertake a research of three products, analysed the functions and then combined the specifications to produce a piece of multi-functional furniture. The final product should solve one or more of the product’s incompetence, inconveniences and space consumption. The final presentation of the multi-functional piece of furniture should be presented with working drawings, materials sample board, prototype and visual drawings in sequence. (3 credit hours)

IDD 2519 Computer Aided Design 2
This module covers an advance level in using the computer aided design software for interior designing. Students learn how to save files and convert the 2-D drawings into 3-D drawings by using objects such as selection, extrude, revolved, tabulate, rule and edge surfacing. Basic rendering was also introduced to add finishing touches to the objects, scene and lighting for setting a 3-Dimensional interior environment. (3 credit hours)

IDD 2520 Specification & Contract
This module covers the roles, responsibilities and functions of a designer in administering a contract (CA) during the production of construction drawing before the commencement of the actual construction. The scope of work and liabilities of those involved in the “building team” will also be discussed. Rules and conditions governing an interior design project will be introduced through case studies as well as exercises in preparing the tender document, contract and agreement. (2 credit hours)

IDD 2621 Interior Design 3
This module covers interior designing for commercial interiors at larger and more complex interior spaces such as fashion warehouses, corporate offices and exhibitions / events venue. Students will learn to plan, propose and design conceptual spaces and interiors in a cohesive flow that supports the business activities, image, context, sites and function. A clear understanding of design requirements, development of concept, design processes and control, exploration of structural and mechanical systems are well defined and profound in the final presentation. (4 credit hours)

IDD 2622 Interior Design Final Project
This module is a personal direction of the student’s final project in completing the Diploma in Interior Design. Students are allowed to choose their own topic, areas and exploration outlined in a design proposal. The design proposal should cover the client’s profile and the nature of the business / function, three site analysis and feasibility studies of the building, some suggestions, plans and research. These should be done to support the proposal. As this is the final project, students will be guided on spatial organisation (quality and quantity of spaces), ergonomics (use and function of key spaces), sustainability (materials and durability) and design concept(s) (design style(s), aesthetics, overall scheme and philosophy). The final presentation should present a unique portfolio of works together with a process journal documenting the student’s thought and processes. (4 credit hours)

IDD 2623 Project Management
This module covers the formation and the operation of the business in the Interior Design industry. Students will be introduced to the planning, management, procedures and working ethic in the business and prepare business documents that deal with costing, ordering and processes for contractors. (3 credit hours)

IDD 2624 Computer Aided Design 3
This module will introduce the advance skills of using 3D computer software to enhance students’ interior drawings from 2D to 3D with emphasis on rendering, lighting, mood and movement for interior presentation. (3 credit hours)

Year 3

IDD 3725 Practical Training & Internship Report
The module focuses on the working world of the interior design industry, covering insights of the profession in terms of requirements, expectations and practices to enable the students to seek employment and working exposure before completing the Diploma in Interior Design course. This module also provides a mechanism and opportunity for the interaction between the student and the practitioners through various means such as visitation and talks by guest lecturers from the profession / industry, collaborative design projects, and industrial / professional work experience. The requirements of this module are:

1. Two months internship attachment with a firm or organisation.
2. A report from the host organisation.
3. A written report by the student upon successful completion of his / her practical training.

Upon completion of satisfactory reports from the host organisation and the student report, the student will be deemed to have successfully completed this module and will be awarded the relevant credits. (4 credit hours)

Further Studies

At the completion of the diploma course, students may opt to credit transfer to partner universities for degree studies with advance standing.

Career Opportunities

Successful completion of this diploma will allow graduates to work as interior designers, furniture designers, lighting designers, colour specialists, exhibition designers, set designers, retail visual merchandisers, and project supervisors.

Entry Requirements

  • SPM / SPMV / O-Level with minimum three (3) credits including a pass in Art / Technical Drawing.
  • SPM / SPMV / O-Level with minimum three (3) credits and submission of portfolio(for student who does not take Art / Technical Drawing as a subject).
  • SM III (UEC) with minimum three (3) Bs.
  • Certificate in related fields of Art and Design.
  • Any other equivalent qualifications will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

2 ½ years (Full Time)

7 semesters

81 credits

LAN Subjects
9 credits (only for Malaysians)

2 – 4 months

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