EduNation Malaysia – Free Online Video Tuition For Malaysian School Students

EduNation Malaysia is a volunteer driven non-profit educational initiative started to ensure that every Malaysian student has all the educational resources he/she needs to succeed academically in school. This initiative has been putting the Malaysian school syllabus online by mapping the Khan Academy videos and creating their own videos. Their work is in constant progress and will continue to be in progress for many years to come.

EduNation Malaysia is like a free online video tuition that you can use and learn at your own pace and convenience.

What to expect from EduNation Malaysia?

Here are the 3 things that you can look forward to in the coming weeks, months and years: –

Learning Videos:

They are focused on creating learning videos in maths, science, physics, chemistry, accounts, economics and languages for Malaysian public school students. This year they will have a majority of the maths and sciences videos up and ready to use and will begin working on accounts and economics and English learning videos.

Practice Problems and Test Papers:

The practice problem and test paper platform will allow students to practice their understanding of key concepts. As a student, you can also track your progress.

Social Media Platform:

What if you can get free tutoring help, powered by the Malaysian community? If you’re like one of the many Malaysians students who want academic help, then stay tuned.

You will be able to get online help when you need it and you will be able to give out help to those who need it. It will all be contained in a social media platform specifically designed for education.

So go on, use EduNation Malaysia as much as you want. Share the videos as much as you want. Because good quality free education is a right for all.

EduNation Malaysia - Free Online Video Tuition For Malaysian School Students

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