Highlands International Boarding School (HIBS) in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Looking for an amazing school with all the qualities of a classic British Boarding school? Highlands International Boarding School is definitely the right choice. The school is focused on grooming each and every student with the ” Highlander Spirit”. Pave the way for your child to be a truly outstanding individual in society.

This co-educational Boarding Schools is located at 3,000 ft high in the hills of Genting Highlands. Nestled amidst a panorama of green hills, one experiences a refreshing and cool atmosphere which provides an environment that is unique and one which enhances learning and education.

Highlands International Boarding School is neither a Government Boarding School nor a British Boarding School. Highlands International Boarding School is a modern fully equipped co-educational Malaysian Boarding School that enjoys a multi-cultural flavour and ethos that is unique to Malaysia. Highlands International Boarding School have developed and fine tuned their own policies and approaches to fulfil their aspirations and that of today’s students.

Highlands International Boarding School Curricula


Highlands International Boarding School Counseling Department

The Counseling unit is a department that caters services for the students in the school and boarding set-up. Among the services to students are individual and group counseling, career guidance talks/ activities and students involved in disciplinary cases. The counseling department also organize the yearly orientation program and assist new student in adapting to life in the school and boarding.

Guidelines for Parents on Registration

  1. Parents log on to www.hibs.edu.my or smsaleha.edu.my
  2. View/Gather all the information about the school
  3. Print out the New Student Application Form from the website
  4. Post any queries to admin@smsaleha.edu.my
  5. Fill in the New Student Application Form and Fax it to +60-3-61003688
  6. Please call +60-3-61001688 to fix for an appointment with the academic or admin personnel.

Highlands International Boarding School Policies

Highlands International Boarding School has adopted and practiced the following policies to ensure good governance and to provide a safe and conducive environment for our children to grow and develop.

  1. No Smoking policy. The School and its environment is a non-smoking area. Staff and students are prohibited from possessing cigarettes or smoking within its premises.
  2. No Drug Policy. The School have an anti-drugs policy in place. All drugs and drug-related substances are banned. Offenders will be referred to the relevant Government agencies.
  3. No Handphone policy. Students are not allowed to possess or use handphones in school. Students whose parents are overseas are given a special exemption, with monitored usage.
  4. No Violence Policy. To ensure a healthy and safe community living, no violence is tolerated amongst students. Any form of gangsterism, group violence, bullying or ragging of any nature will be dealt with seriously. Parents will appreciate that anyone who indulges in violent behaviour towards other students will be referred to the Police or dealt with appropriately.
  5. Home Work Policy. The hallmark of the School’s boarding system is the Homework Policy. This is scheduled, recorded and monitored.

Highlands International Boarding School Sports Facilities

  • 2 Tennis Courts
  • 2 Squash Courts
  • Multipurpose Hall For Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Table-tennis and Netball
  • Basketball Court
  • Heated Swimming Pool
  • Gym

Highlands International Boarding School Residence Facilities

  • There are separate halls of residence for boys and girls.
  • Each floor accommodates a maximum of 32 students in single and double rooms.
  • Each floor further provides the following facilities:
    • TV room
    • Computer room
    • Surau
    • Pantry
    • Study room
  • Each Hall of Residence has its own sick-bay.
  • Laundry facilities are also provided.
  • Each Hall is under the care and supervision of a Housemaster/ Housemistress and each floor is under the care of a resident Tutor.
  • Students are also under the care of two Matrons and one Medical Assistant.

Highlands International Boarding School Lab Facilities

  • Computer Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Electronics
  • Engineering Drawing Room

Location Map of Highlands International Boarding School

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Highlands International Boarding School Contact Details

Highlands International Boarding School (SMS Saleha Genting Highlands)
KM10 Genting Highlands,
69000 Genting Highlands,
Pahang, Malaysia.

Tel: +6(03)6100 1688
Fax: +6(03)6100 3688

Email: admin@smsaleha.edu.my

Petaling Jaya Office

15, Jalan Changgai (6/22),
46000 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +6(03)7956 9311
Fax: +6(03)7956 9355

Email: aphem@po.jaring.my