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KDU Penang University College is part of KDU, an institution that has over 32 years of history and experience, believes in providing real world education to meet real world needs, and has traditionally, been successful in producing competent graduates and preparing students for top universities all over the world.

Established in 1983, and a pioneer in Malaysian private education, KDU was one of the first private colleges in Malaysia to have its own purpose-built campus. The institution, as KDU College then, was awarded the university college status in 2010 – a reflection of its quality programmes, and the growth of its international student population.

KDU University College and KDU College are members of Paramount Education, a fully-integrated education services provider for primary, secondary, tertiary, and postgraduate level studies as well as executive and professional development programmes.

Programmes at KDU Penang University College


KDU Penang University CollegeThe challenging world of business is more demanding now than ever. Managing changes, crisis, risks and human resource demands creativity and speed in getting solutions to problems. A good foundation in the fundamentals of management is crucial. Entrepreneurial skills are no longer an option but a requisite. Choosing a relevant business degree with all the requirements is essential. At KDU, our business degrees provide you with no less than what you require to succeed in the world of international business.

KDU Business qualification provides graduates with a qualification that is professionally recognised. Professional bodies such as MQA, SIRIM, CIMA, IPAA and MAICSA have evaluated and recognised the academic quality of our academic programmes.

Our diploma graduates, upon completion of their studies are eligible for CIMA certificate level qualification and can proceed to the CIMA diploma level qualification by just attempting 3 additional modules from CIMA diploma.

Institute of Public Accountants of Australia (IPAA) has accredited our diploma programme and now our diploma graduates are eligible for the IPAA membership.


The best learning experience is not confined within the four walls of our classroom. In DOD, we believe in providing our students the opportunity to explore the diversity of global culture, which in turn will equip them with a broader perspective of creativity. Incorporated into our Diploma programmes, students will have the chance to travel overseas to learn and discover the beauty of foreign artistry and culture. It will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Advance Standing With Foreign University – Deakin University, Australia. Wanganui School of Design, New Zealand. Griffith University, Australia. RMIT University, Australia. Edith Cowan University, Australia. University of Hertfordshire, UK. DongSeo University, South Korea.

Collaboration With Industry Partners – Malaysian Institute of Interior Design (MIID), Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM), Graphic Designers Association of Malaysia (wREGA)


KDU Penang University College Department of Computing prides itself in providing relevant quality education through an all-encompassing technology programme that nurtures students’ knowledge, skills and abilities in field of computer studies. Its current focus in cloud and mobile computing further enforces its commitment and passion to ensure its curriculum is up-to-date. Thus, it prepares graduates with the latest ICT know how and skillset to meet the challenges and needs of the future workplace.

KDU Penang University College graduates are most wanted by the industry either for internship or immediate recruitment. 95% of our graduates are employed by the software industry within 3 months either before or after the completion of studies with KDU Penang University College.


The path of creativity is rocky, yet gratifying. Imagine if you hold the ability to transform the world around you into a better and more exciting place, why not pursue it? Be it visual, fashion or built environment design, we offer you the potential to craft an impassioned career that empowers you to change lives with design and creativity.

Advance Standing With Foreign University – Deakin University, Australia. Wanganui School of Design, New Zealand. Griffith University, Australia. RMIT University, Australia. Edith Cowan University, Australia. University of Hertfordshire, UK. DongSeo University, South Korea.

Collaboration With Industry Partners – Malaysian Institute of Interior Design (MIID), Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM), Graphic Designers Association of Malaysia (wREGA)


Our strong faculty has an excellent combination of research and industry experience to give students the best of both worlds. The academic experts are active researchers who engage in scholarly activities to bring the latest technology innovations into the classroom. Our invited industry specialists also provide real-world insights to students in the areas of technology and industry.

The Industry Advisory Board of Department of Engineering are made up of industry professionals, professional engineers and technopreneurs. They provide valuable current industry insights to enhance our curriculum and student learning. Internships are compulsory in all our diploma and degree programmes, enabling students to apply their learning in realistic situations.

Get employed ahead of the rest with our Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) training facility which features the latest Mentor Graphic software being used in the IC industry.

95% employment rate within the first 6 months upon graduation. There are more than 50 industrial partners for internship/graduate placement. On-campus interviews are regularly conducted for graduates.

Get accustomed to your future career workplace through our topline industry simulated labs such as the VLSI Lab, Electronics Lab, Computer Aided Design Lab, Electrical Power Lab, Mechanical Lab and Machines Workshop.


As the pioneer in hospitality education since 1893, the Swiss reputation for hospitality excellence is respected and trusted globally. Experience a renowned European syllabus which incorporates the very best of Swiss hospitality.

Lecturers and chefs are experts from the hotel, tourism and culinary fields. Students are taught by Master Chefs, Celebrity Chefs, F&B specialists and Tourism Researchers. Academic staff is highly qualified and passionate in grooming the next generation of chefs and hoteliers.

Students can choose from our wide network of top 5-star establishments locally as well as internationally, including pathways from internship to management traineeship in global hotel groups. The international exposure gained from a worldwide internship placement gives our graduates an edge in experience and a wider global perspective.

Our students are prepared for the industry through a unique work-based training syllabus with the Malaysia Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Education (MyCenTHE) diploma programme, where a combination of work and study modes are incorporated into the curriculum. This method allows students to make an easier transition from college to the workplace.

Get a total experience with an all-inclusive study trip to the IMI campus, located in scenic Lucerne, Switzerland. Lucerne is the fourth top tourist destination in Switzerland and was voted top 12 in the world by TripAdvisor. This trip provides an insight into the world of Swiss hospitality and tourism, with visits to world famous attractions, Swiss chocolate factories and artisan shops.


Improve your spoken and written English with our highly qualified, experienced and recognized TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) trained teachers who have the knowledge and skills to support diverse learner needs in the modern teaching environment.

Enhance your English language skills via the flexible English enhancement programmes and Intensive English Programme we offer throughout the year! Custom-designed courses i.e. Holiday English Language Course (HELC), corporate training, teaching methodology workshop, English for Research programme, Intensive English Language Enhancement Programme (IELEP) and ad hoc courses are also available to suit your every need! Tell us what you need and we will design a programme for you!


Creative people live life with passion and energy. Channel your energy to pursue a course of study in Communication. At KDU, we inspire you to lead, direct, write and unleash your potentials in the vibrant industry of public relations, broadcasting, print, media advertising and many other areas.

Learn more with core subjects in all areas of communications. Finds out what suits you best! Master classes with celebrities and industry experts are conducted every semester for our undergraduates. Get knowledge that only industry experts could tell you so that you get ahead of the rest.

Get ahead in your resume with 3 month working stints with Malaysia’s top media organisations. The internship stints will open doors and opportunities for people with the right qualifications and skills.

Acclimatise with the industry early with facilities such as recording studios, iMac Lab, PR Spin Doctor Lab and a media broadcasting studio. Our state-of-the-art learning facilities which provide experience and knowledge found in the industry will enhance and enrich your learning experience.

Our programmes produce graduates with a 90% employment rate. Our graduates are sought after in the industry due to our strong industry-ready learning components being built into our programme as well as the fact that they are trained by experts in their fields.


KDU Penang University College provides high quality pre-university education for over 24 years. Our Centre for Pre-University Studies has been offering the A-Level programme since 1991. Many of our graduates have gone on to study at top universities in the world including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, King’s College, the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, the National University of Singapore and the University of Hong Kong. The outstanding results and achievements of students in the Centre for Pre-University Studies is a solid testimony of our commitment to educatio

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