Malaysian University English Test (MUET), Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Selangor

The Malaysian University English Test (MUET) is a competency test in the English Language taken by students who wish to pursue their tertiary education in a local institution of higher learning. This test comprises four components:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

The exam is held in April/May and October/November and there is a six band grading system ranging from Very Good User to Extremely Limited User. Malaysian Universities generally require the top band for entry into Medicine, but other subjects may require lower bands.
The exam is not computerized and the biggest difference between MUET and other English examinations is the format of the speaking test, where you will be expected to participate in a mock committee meeting.

Intakes : every month
Class : twice weekly / Saturday
Duration : 16 hours

Why MUET at Taylor’s Language Centre?
Taylor’s Language Centre provides a 16hour course that can be completed in 1 month. The centre has extensive facilities available and as an official test centre, we’re able to offer exam practice in an environment that meticulously emulates the real exam. All of our lecturers are highly qualified with a minimum of 5 years teaching experience. Furthermore being an exam centre we are able to consult extensively with the MUET examination team. Our course includes past papers, exam skill exercises, a multimedia context setting video to enable you to understand the format of the exam and specialised speaking skills lessons that are specifically designed for the MUET exam format. These speaking skills resources and lessons are exclusive to Taylor’s Language Centre and give you the best possible chance of passing the exam.

By The End of the Workshop:

  • You will have learned the exam skill-set required to pass the examination
  • You will know your current MUET score
  • You will have an action-plan to maximise that score

MUET FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Malaysian University English Test or MUET is a competency test in the English language to be taken by students who wish to pursue degree courses in Malaysian institutions of higher learning.

Q : Who should take MUET?
A : Anyone who wishes to enrol for a first degree in a Malaysian public or private institutions.

Q : Who are eligible to take MUET?
A : Anyone who has any of the following qualifications: SPM, SPMV, MCE, Cambridge ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels and other equivalent qualifications.

Q : Do I need to take MUET even if I am taking A-level English?
A : Yes.

Q : How often is MUET held in a year?
A : Twice a year, May and October

Q : How do you register for the MUET exam?
A : If you are a Taylor’s University student, you can obtain your application form from the Accounts Department at TUCMC. Otherwise, an application form can be obtained from the State Education Department in the state where you wish to sit for the exam. Look out for announcements in the newspapers for the opening and closing dates for registration, which will be made known in the month of January for the May exam and June for the October exam. Complete your application form and send it together with a money or postal order of RM60 to the State Education Department in the state where you wish to sit for the MUET exam. Be sure to make the money or postal order payable to SETIAUSAHA AGUNG MAJLIS PEPERIKSAAN MALAYSIA.

Q: How many times can I take the exam?
A : As many times as you like.

Q : How much do I have to pay to sit for the MUET exam?
A : RM60 (as of year 2007)

Q : Where can I get more information about MUET?
A : Any State Department of Education should be able to give you more information.

Q : What is the structure of the MUET exam?
A : It tests all the four language skills. The marks allocated and the maximum scores are presented below:
Paper Code – Component – Time – Weightage (%) – Maximum score
800/1 – Listening – ½ hours – 15 – 45
800/2 – Speaking – ½ hours – 15 – 45
800/3 – Reading Comprehension – 2 hours – 5 – 135
800/4 – Writing – 1 ½ hours – 25 – 75

Q : How is the examination conducted?
A : The speaking component is conducted earlier, before the other three components; Listening, Reading and Writing. A short break will be given after each component.

Q : Do I get a certificate after taking the test?
A : Yes, you will be given a certificate that will report your scores in the four and the overall band you are in.

Q : What is the grading system used?
A : A 6-band grading system ranging from Very Good User to Extremely Limited User is used.
Aggregated Score – Band – User
260-300 – 6 – Very good user
220-259 – 5 – Good user
180-219 – 4 – Competent user
140-179 – 3 – Modest user
100-139 – 2 – Limited user
0 – 99 – 1 – Extremely limited user

Q : How high must your test scores be?
A : There are no passing or failing scores in the MUET exam. Each institution of higher learning determines its required band scores. The MUET is scored on an aggregated scale of 0 – 300. The scales are then banded into six levels of achievement.

Q : How do you get your test results?
A : You can obtain your test results from Taylor’s University if you are a college candidate. If you are a candidate from any other institution or a private candidate, your test results will be made known through your State Education Department.

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