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Learn To Cook 20 Different Dishes by Just Using A Rice Cooker. Learn to cook your favourite dishes from home easily and quickly with our Survival Cooking course from Taylor’s Centre for Continuing Professional Education. You’ll learn great tips and basic cooking techniques that will help you whip up delectable Malaysian and Western cuisine that’s bound to impress friends and family. Only limited seats are available, so hurry and register today.

Programme Objectives

  • Introducing cooking in a rice cooker and its convenience to students.
  • Equip students who will be going abroad with basic survival cooking skills.
  • Expose students to full hands on experience from mise-en-place to end product mainly focusing on Malaysian and Western Cuisines.
  • Teach students the correct basic cooking technique.

Key Take-aways

  • Students will learn how to prepare simple Malaysian and Western dishes using ingredients that can be found in respective countries’ China Towns.
  • Students will be able to save money on food by cooking their own.
  • During the adaptation period in a foreign country, students will be able to still enjoy familiar local tastes.

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