Diploma in Hotel Management, Sunway University, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Get your Diploma in Hotel Management from Sunway University. The hospitality, tourism and events management programmes at the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management, Sunway University offer a wide range of management and specialist subjects to equip students with the expertise they need to manage a successful international hospitality, tourism and events business. This unique combination of functional, academic content and industry based approach allows students to meet the needs of the largely diverse service industry.

The diploma programmes offered by the School are validated by Le Cordon Bleu, the worldwide leader in gastronomy, hospitality and management. Upon completion of the programmes, students will receive two scrolls, one from Sunway University and one from Le Cordon Bleu.

The uniqueness of the programmes is that students are able to earn an international reputable qualification provided by an established Malaysian institution of higher learning which has high relevance to the Malaysia and international job market. In addition, course consultants from our collaborative partners work closely with Sunway University to ensure that the standards and quality of teaching are equivalent to those maintained at the partner institutions.

Programme Details

This programme trains you to:

  • Be a hotelier with expert knowledge of the hospitality business.
  • Have a good understanding of vital hospitality aspects such as food and beverage, and rooms divisions operations and management.
  • Positively contribute and enhance the hospitality industry.

You will be a hotel management professional:

  • who can apply business principles within the hospitality context.
  • with the ability to ensure the sustainability of a hotel or restaurant business.
  • with good communication and interpersonal skills who can supervise a team or work independently.

Programme Structure

Core Subjects

  • DAC 2014 Principles of Accounting
  • DEC 3013 Introduction to Economics
  • DEN 1013 Business English I
  • DEN 1023 Business English II
  • DIT 1013 Introduction to Information Technology
  • DLW 3013 Hospitality and Tourism Law
  • DMK 2013 Principles of Marketing
  • DMG 2013 Fundamentals in Management
  • DMG 2023 Human Resource Management
  • UCS 1000 Study Skills

Specialisation Subjects

  • DCA 1064 Culinary and Kitchen Operations I
  • DCA 1074 Culinary and Kitchen Operations II
  • DCA 1103 Baking and Pastry
  • DEV 1014 Introduction to Events Management
  • DHS 1013 Beverage Studies
  • DHS 1023 Understanding Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • HHD 1202 Food and Beverage Service I
  • HHD 1206 Food and Beverage Service II
  • DHS 2024 Rooms Division Operations I
  • DHS 2034 Rooms Division Operations II
  • DMG 2043 Purchasing and Cost Control
  • DRS 3014 Industry Research Work

Elective Subjects

  • DFL 2013 Foreign Language – Elementary French
  • DFL 2023 Foreign Language – Elementary Japanese


University Compulsory Subjects

UCS 1000 Study Skills
Study skills are important to a student starting university life. This subject prepares students to be more organised and self-reliant in their learning. The module teaches students to absorb knowledge through reading and research independently.

Core Subjects

HGD 1101 Business English I
The course is developed to enable students to learn and practise the main elements of Business English, for use in the hospitality, tourism, and events industries. It covers four basic language skills namely speaking, reading, listening and writing, augmented with a variety of language activities to develop their proficiency in English.

HGD 1102 Business English II
The course has been designed in continuation to the Business English I course. It enables students to learn and practise further the main elements of Business English, focusing on the writing skills as applicable to the needs of the hospitality, tourism, and events industries.

HGD 1103 Understanding Hospitality and Tourism Industry
This course sets the path to introduce the Hospitality, Tourism, and Events industries. Students will be given an overview and also an understanding of their roles in this versatile and dynamic industry.

HGD 1104 Introduction to Information Technology
This course will introduce students to computer hardware and software, gaining a thorough knowledge with emphasis in three areas – word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications. Students will also gain an understanding of designing decision support systems.

HGD 2101 Principles of Accounting
An entrepreneur would need to keep records of his/her financial transactions. There is also a need to analyse the financial status and performance of business operations. This subject covers generic accounting concepts using hospitality, tourism and event examples to illustrate terms and techniques.

HGD 2102 Principle of Marketing
This module explores market-orientation and a customer-focused approach within the context of the service industry. The factors driving change in today’s business environment are evaluated from both a corporate and customer perspective. The components of the marketing mix are considered in response to changing customer needs using practical examples from various industries.

HGD 2103 Human Resource Management
This course sets the path to the introduction of managing human resource in the hospitality, tourism and events industries. The students will get an overall view of current practices in the various people industries.

HGD 3101 Hospitality and Tourism Law
The primary focus is limited to the study of contract law, the law of tort, the basic laws that govern a business enterprise as well as the laws that govern the duties of an inn-keeper. Areas those are fundamental in the hospitality, tourism and leisure management environment which have an impact on the provision of goods and services that may involve a variety of rights, duties and obligations. Emphasis will be placed in the study of the Malaysian aspects of law and where appropriate, references will be made to international practices.

HGD 3102 Introduction to Economics
This module enables students to understand and apply the economic principles of supply and demand theories; costing and market structures and the relationships between them. It also encompasses the basic economic concepts and enables an assessment of how the hospitality and tourism industry operates from an economic standpoint.

HGD 3103 Research Methodology
Review research literature, use of library resources for tourism & events industry research, and introduction to the concepts of research design and data analysis.

HGD 2104 Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions Management
This module introduces the specifics of meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions in the tourism and hospitality programme. It aims to develop the students capability and competency in organising meetings and events.

HGD 1105 Foreign Language – Elementary Japanese
This course will introduce students to Japanese characters (Elementary level of Hiragana and Katakana); basic pronunciation and vocabulary; daily greetings and expressions; numerals; phonetics; grammar; salutations; sentence forming that will lead to basic conversations and translations used in everyday life.

HHD 1101 French
This course will introduce students to the vocabulary, greetings, basic conversation, phonetics, sentence forming, grammar, salutations and translations used in the hospitality and tourism and events industries.

HGD 2201 Supervised Work Experience
The Supervised Work Experience (SWE) provides students with the opportunity to apply and link knowledge to the real business world as well as to prepare them for advance modules. It will allow them to enhance their operative/ technical skills whilst learning and developing their interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. The assessment system of the SWE has been designed to reflect the desired performance mentioned above.

Specialisation Subjects

HHD 1201 Culinary & Kitchen Operations l
This module aims to train students with basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the various principles of food preparation and production. Students will also learn the importance of teamwork and proper handling of kitchen equipment and utensils as well as the safety and hygiene aspects of handling food.

HHD 1205 Culinary & Kitchen Operations ll
This module will allow students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in food preparation and production. Emphasis is on the aspects of teamwork and to develop skills and knowledge in portion and quality control of food.

HHD 1209 Culinary & Kitchen Operations lll
This module will provide the students with a sound foundation in the various principles and operational skills of food preparation, production and working practices as well as aspects of work, portioning and quality control.

HHD 1202 Food and Beverage Service I
Food and beverage Level One introduces some of the most exciting and challenging careers in the areas of the restaurant business. The chapters begin with history and how the restaurant business has evolved until what it is today. The identification and utilisation of equipment, the different styles of service and restaurants are also taken into consideration in line with industry and customer expectations. Practical methods in service procedures are emphasised.

HHD 1206 Food and Beverage Service II
This module aims to train students on all aspects of food and beverage service. Emphasis is placed on acquisition of skills on types of restaurant service, restaurant organisation and selling techniques for food and beverage. This module also aims to develop an understanding of the importance of teamwork, handling of staff and guests.

HHB 1210 Food and Beverage Service III
Integrates the study of a range of skills relevant to food and beverage service. In this module, students are introduced to more hands-on skills such as Flambé work, Buffet service skills, breakfast, high tea, afternoon tea and room service as well as an introduction to the à la carte menu. The module also equips students with people skills in teamwork, handling of staff and guests; and also covers hygiene and cleanliness.

HHC 1221 Baking and Pastry I
Chefs have developed the module to teach important concepts, skills and terminology related to baking and pastry making. The module covers important aspects such as the various kinds of flour, commonly used ingredients for baking, baking temperatures etc.

HHD 1207 Baking & Pastry ll
This module will train students in basic baking and pastry making, emphasis is on basic work techniques and skills, product knowledge as well as providing the skills and knowledge to produce a range of well-finished pastries.

HHD 1208 Wines, Spirits and Beverage Studies
Students develop an in-depth knowledge of all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Identify the various types of bar and bar set-ups, bar operations and bar management.

HHD 1204 Kitchen Management & Hygiene
This is the study of kitchen organisation, covering the aspects of utensils and equipment, as per their layout, uses and purposes. Students are also taught the basic in planning for menu production, food purchasing and storage procedures.

HHD 2202 Housekeeping Operations Management l
The course familiarises students with the organisation of housekeeping, its systems and function. A blend of theory and practical will be used to develop compassion and high work ethics towards guest care and cleanliness.

HHD 2204 Housekeeping Operations Management ll
This course will provide students with the practical and technical knowledge relevant to accommodation services. They will be equipped with the knowledge in determining the types and standards of service to be provided by using supervisory and management techniques relevant to current industry practice.

HHD 2201 Front Office Operations Management l
This course will set the path for the introduction of Front Office Operations & Management in the hotel industry. The students will be trained with the basic knowledge and skills to operate the front desk of the hotel.

HHD 2203 Front Office Operations Management ll
The students will proceed to the advanced stages of the Front Office Operations and Management, perfecting their technical and customer service skills and upgrading their knowledge to manage the front office professionally.

The Sunway Advantage

Experiential-based Education
We provide an integrated broad-based ‘learning by doing’ experience with a career-focused curriculum to enable our students to gain real-world experience. Our programmes equip our students with top-notch technical expertise and solid business knowledge. As such, our students are trained to think critically, communicate effectively and manage professionally.

Excellent Learning Resources
Our students benefit from the most comprehensive and advanced state-ofthe- art learning resources and support facilities. There are three well-equipped culinary labs for preparation, production and pastry; a training restaurant; a mock-up front office; a mock-up housekeeping suite; a delicatessen; and a functional travel bureau. Students are also introduced to E-learning as part of their learning environment to enhance communication and sharing of information.

Industry Links
We require all our students to undergo hands-on experiential learning in hospitality and tourism related industries known as Supervised Work Experience (SWE).

The SWE provides students with the opportunity to put their learning into practice. The students will be able to develop their technical skills in a work environment and to learn skills of a supervisory and managerial level. It also prepares them for future subjects and enhances their employability. Listed below is a brief list of countries where our students have gained valuable hands-on learning experience:

  • Events management companies in Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea.
  • International Chain Hotels in Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Maldives, Mauritius, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Sultanate of Oman, Thailand, United States of America, Vietnam.
  • International chain restaurants and fast food outlets in Malaysia.
  • Airlines, Ministry of Culture, Arts & Tourism, National Tourism Boards, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Theme Parks.

Entry Requirements

Pass SPM / O-Level / UEC or equivalent with minimum three (3) credits

English Language Requirements

  • TOEFL – 550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, 80 internet-based
  • IELTS – 6.0
  • MUET – Band 4
  • SPM English – B3 or B+
  • UEC – English B4
  • O-Level English (119) – Credit
  • ESL / English – Satisfactory level in Pre-University programmes, where the medium of instruction is in English
  • Intensive English Programme – Pass level 4 with 65% minimum

January, March & August

2 years and 20 weeks of Internship

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