High Performance: Communication Influencing, Persuading and Negotiating, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Selangor

High Performance requires all members of an organization to work together across boundaries of culture, diversity, interpersonal differences, and conflicts. In essence, every organization is a product of how its leaders and members think and interact.

This presentation aims at introducing participants to the opportunity of understanding leadership as a process of communication, dialogue, influence and persuasion.

In order to influence followers effectively and correctly, organizational leaders need to adopt a mindset of “playing to win” rather than “playing not to lose” allowing them to bring forth their vision with passion. Cutting edge leaders know how to take appropriate risk, inspire trust and create opportunities to foster success for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Many leaders lose their way because of a lack of inner and outer ‘secure bases’ that serve as guiding hands for judgments and decision-making.

The latest research demonstrates that the mindset of the leader is the key. Once the correct mindset is in place, the behavior and language of the leader becomes their most powerful tool to influence and persuade others to collaborate and stay fully involved. This can be done with or without formal authority. The leader as a lighthouse becomes the anchor to handle the big and small storms to help keep followers aliened regardless of how much turmoil surrounds them. Drawing on the studies of high performance leadership from the business world, sports, education, high performance teams, and personal achievement; we translate this cutting edge knowledge to the real world of leading in times of uncertainty. When leaders create a sense of security even in the most uncertain and dangerous environment, followers are protected from the negative consequences of uncertainty.

Programme Overview

  • Focusing with the “mind’s eye” to overcome negative mindsets
  • How brain science can help leaders be more persuasive
  • High performance leadership
  • What hostage negotiators know and do to get an over 90% success rate
  • The cycle of bonding to build trust and inspiration
  • The need for the leader to be a secure base to build trust
  • Communication for high impact
  • The power of dialogue to build bridges and common understanding
  • Handling difficult conversations and conflict management
  • The role of influencing and persuasion in the negotiation process
  • Using the law of reciprocity as a method of influencing
  • The need for the leader to be a secure base to build trust
  • Managing resistance to change, the difficult person, and the cycle of escalation
  • The art of concession making as a key to high impact negotiation
  • What animal trainers facing dangerous animals can teach about influencing and negotiating
  • Understand diversity
  • Respecting cultural differences in negotiations
  • Values and ethics of successful negotiators

Programme Structure

  • High impact communication
  • Influence, persuasion and negotiation
  • Action Learning and application through Role-playing
  • Feedback
  • Action Planning

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to be a secure base
  • Understand the importance of the bonding cycle
  • Learn how to be an effective listener
  • Using the full power of interaction
  • Learn how to proactively solve conflict
  • Learn how to communicate in a negotiation process
  • Harness your informal authority to communicate clearly and directly with team members and others

Key Take-Aways

  • Creating bonds even with your adversaries
  • Tools to remove blocks to dialogue
  • Principles of Effective Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation

Who Is This For

  • CEOs / CMOs / CFOs / COOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Senior Management
  • Leaders & Change Agents
  • Business Owners

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