Melaka Expatriate School in Tanjung Kling, Melaka, Malaysia

The Malacca Expatriate School is a fully registered primary school with over 20 years of experience in educating expatriate children. The school offer the highest quality primary education based on sound educational principles. The Malacca Expatriate School have students from the U.K., Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Canada, France and Germany.

The Malacca Expatriate School offers the highest quality primary education (Reception – Year 6) based on sound educational principles in a strong family environment. The schools top-of-the-line curriculum is supported by a science lab, library, and a computer center.

The Malacca Expatriate School provides a warm, friendly, close knit community. Students benefit from a high level of individual attention because of the low student to teacher ratio. The students strive high and learn enthusiastically in a happy and secure environment.

The school actively encourages its pupils to develop as confident individuals with strengths across and beyond the academic curriculum. Activities such as school excursions, family day, school concerts and drama productions help to foster cooperation and team spirit.

Children are encouraged to learn in a variety of different ways: visually, orally, aurally, practically, in groups, as a class and independently. They have access to a good reference library and the internet to do research. The natural inquisitiveness of children is constantly fostered.

Any child aged 5 through 11 with at least one non-Malaysian parent is eligible to attend the Malacca Expatriate School. In addition, Malaysian students who have obtained special permission from the Ministry of Education are allowed to attend.

Malacca Expatriate School Curriculum

The aim of the curriculum is to provide a high standard of education which is both enjoyable and stimulating. The school do not have to fit the requirements of any particular national system, so it has been able to select some of the best education materials appropriate to primary education from the English speaking world.

The schools international curriculum includes:

  • English – Oxford Reading Tree (Keystage 1), Heinemann Literacy World (Keystage 2)
  • Maths – Singapore Syllabus (Reception – Year 6)
  • Science – Discover the Wonder, American Programme “ScottForeman”
  • Social Studies – Oxford Reading Tree Fact Finders (Keystage 1)
  • Geography – Oxford Primary Geography (Keystage 2), Ginn Junior Map Skills (Keystage 2)
  • History – Ginn (Keystage 2)
  • Computer – to support and enrich the curriculum
  • Bahasa Malaysia – as a Foreign Language
  • Music – tailor-made programme supported by Heinemann Lively Music
  • Art – Craftwork, Drawing, Painting
  • Physical Education – Team sports, Games, and Creative Movement

There are several extra-curricular after school. The school have Soccer practice and Drama classes.

School Hours

Monday – Thursday : 8.00am – 2.00pm
Friday : 8.00am – 1.30pm

Location Map of Melaka Expatriate School

Malacca Expatriate School is located near Klebang Beach Resort and Ocean Palms Condominium on a safe, quiet street. Situated next to the beach on a fenced-in property, the School’s classrooms are naturally cool and comfortable. To get there from Melaka Town, drive toward Tanjung Kling. Turn left immediately after Seri Bayan Condominium. Malacca Expatriate School is located on the left, number 2443-C.

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Melaka Expatriate School Contact Details

Melaka Expatriate School
2443-C, Jalan Batang Tiga,
76400 Tanjung Kling,
Melaka, Malaysia.

Tel: +6(06)315 4970
Fax: +6(06)315 4970