Melaka International School (MIS) in Taman Siantan, Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka International School (MIS) started to cater to the expatriate population of the state of Melaka. The school was established in April 1993 by Mrs. Shamsunnisa Ishak with the State Economic Development Corporation, The Melaka Foundation and Dr. Mohammad Ishak Syed Ahmed, B.K.T.

Melaka International School has international students for both primary and secondary levels from 17 countries namely Korea, India, Japan, Iraq, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Pakistan, Germany, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Canada and Malaysia.

Melaka International School’s academic staff members are drawn from the international arena as well. They are recruited from all over the world. Students are prepared for the University of Cambridge IGCSE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level Exam.

Melaka International School was originally located in Jalan Taming Sari and had a modest beginning with 2 students in the Kindergarten level; it grew from the elementary section to the secondary section. As the intake increased, Melaka International School relocated to a more spacious premise in Jalan Kubu.

Comprising of the learners from all over world, Melaka International School tutor students from the kindergarten level to the year 11 level. The curriculum is adapted from the QCA Scheme of Framework and the Cambridge O’ Level. The academic fraternity comprises of experienced and trained teachers both internationally and locally.

The school management had been designing and working on a new school which has been built on 5 acre campus. The Kampung Lapan, Tengkera campus has the facility to accommodate the school as one permanent entity, world-class infrastructure and smart card facility. The new premise of Melaka International School was completed in January 2008, and the shifting to the new place was in May 2008.

Melaka International School Admission Policy

Melaka International School welcomes applications from around the world.
Any Malaysian/non-Malaysian children between the ages of 4 – 18 years old can get admission into Melaka International School. Students can get admission from Kindergarten to O’ and A’ levels.

Melaka International School Curriculum

MIS provides students to undergo study for O’ and A’ Levels. Our curriculum is based on International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), University of Cambridge UK. The MIS Curriculum specifies what all students Kindergarten to O’ and A’ Levels are expected to know and be able to do in all subject areas. It is designed to enable teachers to make connections across subjects, and to develop programming which accommodates a range of student needs. Teaching methods and schedules will vary from class to class to allow the meeting of the diverse learning needs of all students.

MIS Provides following Subjects:
1. English
2. Mathematics
3. History
4. Geography
5. Information & Communication Technology
6. General Science
7. Music
8. Art & Crafts
9. Physical Education
10. Bahasa Malaysia
11. Islamic studies
12. Business Studies
13. Business Accounting
14. Physics
15. Chemistry
16. Biology

Melaka International School Facilities

Class Rooms
Being the first Green School in Malaysia, classrooms are designed with state of the art architecture for comfort and to maximize output of both students and faculty. The classroom size is optimum, designed for no more than 25 students. Cheerful colors, balanced lighting and careful positioning of work spaces contribute to the overall feeling of welcome. Education is integrated and activity based. Assessment is a continuous process at Melaka International School and students are descriptively profiled on their cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills.

The library provides many children with their first chance to use and enjoy a library. The school library is a welcoming place for studying and reading. The school library is to support the students and teachers by providing access to current, adequate and appropriate information resources.

ICT Labs
ICT is integral part of educational activities in the School. Over fifty computers are spread throughout the Labs spaces exclusively for student use. These machines are all supplied with state-of-the-art architectural software and Broadband Internet.

Science Labs
Science is not only knowledge but also an art. This art is explored, experimented and practiced in Science labs. There are three Science Labs at Melaka International School. They are equipped with resources meant for Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary students.
Students enjoy doing, Fun experiments, Science fair ideas, Organic/Inorganic chemical handling and analysis, Day-to-day Electrical and Electronic component usage, Magical power of magnets, Light characteristics, Life science activities, Micro organism slides, Human anatomy charts, Models, Dissecting sets, Microscope.

Melaka International School canteen offers fresh food all the time. Organic Vegetables are served at all the time directly brought from School’s Organic farm. Based on produce, menus are designed weekly and change to suit the requirements of the school. When planning menus, focus is on providing variety and selection whilst stimulating the imagination and encouraging most pupils to eat a healthy meal daily.

Organic Farming
Melaka International School is proud to be a only school in Malaysia having its own two acre organic farm. Students are provided with first hand knowledge and life experiences of organic farming.

Beside the on-campus organic farm of the school, there is another large 25 acre camp site and nature farm located in Kesang, just outside Melaka. This camp site has all infra structure, Chalets for parents, tents for students, water and electricity with toilet facilities. Periodic trips and camping tours are arranged for students and parents to the said farm. Those students who want to pursue their career in Naturopathy and Complimentary Medicine would benefit greatly from trips to this place.

Melaka International School Sports

Games at the Melaka International School are played with much fervour and passion. There is emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness. All games are supervised by masters.

Students are strongly encouraged to take part in sports and are expected to attend matches outside school hours if they are members of a school team. The school places an emphasis on sporting activities and considers them an important element in the pupils’ development. All classes have Physical Education within the time-table. The school also has its own Basketball/netball courts, playground for football and hockey and facilities for indoor games (carom, scrabble, monopoly, etc), track & field (sprint, relay, long jump, shot putt, hurdles).

Location Map of Melaka International School

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Melaka International School Contact Details

Melaka International School
Lot 363 Jalan Siantan 1/3,
Taman Siantan,
75250 Melaka,

Tel: +6(06)336 8781/4/5
Fax: +6(06)336 8789