Transformational Sales Leadership, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Selangor

This Transformational Sales Leadership programme enables senior sales professionals to serve as effective team leaders who are able to turn their sales team members into excellent performers. This two-day programme provides the sales leadership skills needed to develop and motivate a high-performance sales team in order to produce immediate action and success for the organisation.

Three questions that will make the difference between average and outstanding sales results:

  • Does your sales team members stay motivated for years to come or do they become de-motivated easily?
  • Do they use all the new strategies and skills they have learnt at the last training sessions and achieve better profit margins you were asking for?
  • Are your sales people still relying too heavily on discounts to sell your products/services instead of being able to sell your true value proposition and reap an adequate profit margin?

These are some of the most pressing questions faced by scores of sales managers across all industries. Having spent large sums of money to train and motivate their sales teams, they are still not achieving the profit goals they desire. How can this be? How can it be changed?

Programme Objectives

The key to unleashing your sales teams profitability is Transformation.

Training and motivation sessions should create the breakthrough your sales team needs. If the sessions are not working, the reasons are psychological and emotional.

Three main reasons why your sales team may not be creating the results you desire:

  • Majority are involved in sales by coincidence/default, not design and desire
  • Most salespeople on your team may just be on your team to make enough money to “pay the bills”, not to fulfill their visions for a bigger/better life
  • Majority of your salespeople may actually have a “face” issue about selling! They may actually be too shy to ask for all your product is worth; instead they will want to be perceived as being “good people” and offer to help their clients by securing the best discount for them.

Removing these psychological/emotional blocks in your team will allow you to unleash the full creative sales potential of each individual in of your team.

Transformational Sales Leadership will share a step-by-step approach that will allow you to transform each of your sales team members into a salesperson by design. Participants will learn how to:

  • Excel at de-briefing team partners, facilitate individuals and groups to speak openly about their current blocks and help them overcome these
  • Create clear cut, step-by-step Action Plans and agreements that allow each individual team member to achieve measurable success
  • Empower each team member to become a possible future leader in their own right by training them to fully understand strategic decision making processes

Areas Covered

  • Blow through old paradigms step
  • Bending time (leading in accelerating environments)
  • Transformational leadership psychology
  • Leadership psychology and communication
  • Transformational leadership psychology
  • Individual gap analysis and leadership action planning

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